I’m Krista and I grew up in a small town in Ohio, with no dream but a desire to get OUT and change my scenery to something more inspiring. After living in Chicago working in consulting at a job I knew wasn’t right, I took a chance, and quit my job and traveled to Patagonia for two months where I disconnected and reconnected with myself. I moved to New York City to be with my now, boyfriend Justin, whom I had met less than 5x IRL (that’s another story that involves a psychic for another day…)

In New York City while working at a job that was part time in London, I started The Hundred Blog to document my travels and share my experiences around the world in cities like Marrakech, Majorca, Lisbon, Cape Town, Tokyo…

The Hundred Blog stands for 'Keep it 100', or to keep it real with you.

Something I promise to do in each post I write.   

Although my work in digital marketing evolved alongside my blog, I continued to struggle to find my WHY. Knowing it would be more than just the blog. 

After moving to Los Angeles I was able to truly spread her wings and connect with my spirit. Through a series of rejections from what I thought was my dream job (SoulCycle) she connected with Lindsey, my now-best friend and podcast co-host. There they started having deep meaningful conversations around rejection, fear, relationships, finding purpose…

We decided to record these conversations on her closet floor, and after 7 months of practicing, through lots of trial and error (and an introduction we recorded by someone for $5 from Fiverr) we launched Almost 30


Almost 30 has now grown to become a media company, brand and community around the world where I am able to utilize all my skills in sales, marketing, social media, strategy and most importantly my human-ness everyday. Today you can find me in my Modern Tree-House by the beach (working most likely) or traveling the world with my sweet gorgeous boyfriend.

Ya want to know what lights me up? Making people feel less alone, more like themselves and less unafraid..because there’s a lot of change and transitions always happening in peoples lives. Sometimes this journey gets lonely and if I can be the girl in your ears making you laugh (with some dirty or self deprecating humor) or making you think…then I’ll consider her job done.

Instagram is the best place to find me. Or you can check the contact page to get in touch. For brand partnerships, email hundredblogla@gmail.com and someone from the team will get in touch.