5 Things To Do in CABO + My black lace-up number (I'm in love)

Oh man this was a GOOD WEEKEND. 

Have you guys been to Cabo? First timer, y’all. 

I mean ever since Laguna Beach (Kristen Cavallari dancing on the table and Stephen being LIVID mad, them fighting all night in the streets of Cabo…. EVERYTHING)

I was sooooo excited to go! 

My first bachelorette of 2017 for one of my best friends, Gemma. 6 of us, in a villa in Cabo San Lucas, it was PARADISE.

Highly recommend, so sharing my top 5 things to do in Cabo.

1). Boat trip to the Arches: This was one of my favorite parts of the trip, we took a 4 hour boat trip around the coast and it was the BEST. The water is a crazy color blue, the surrounding area is such a stunning neutral color, and the arches are a must see. For the day, we did matching bathing suits (Gemma just happened to wear tan too! As a surprise for her). You can pick up a boat the marina and ours was super clutch because it had a covering so we weren’t in the sun all day. #SPFqueens

2). Flora Farms: As good as it seems/looks/people say. A farm-to-table organic and easy-to-find-meals-for-vegans, spot it was adorable. It’s an actual farm, with produce you can buy, a pond, small shops, an ice cream truck…I got a really nice cucumber chilled soup, raw vegetable salad and piece of their pizza (no cheese thanks!). Plus their drinks are heaven.

3). The Resort at Pedregal: This place is vibes. Serious vibes. It’s desert, stunning, in the hills of Cabo, and absolutely breathtaking. There’s amazing infinity pools, delicious food and the staff are super helpful. In each room, you have your own pool and beach area. 

4). Dinner at Ediths: Super cute, super cabo, this decor is really adorable. It has string lights and lanterns everywhere, plus a colorful fiesta feel. 

5). Rent a villa in Pedregal: We had the most gorgeous villa during our stay. In the hills of Pedregal, you can find so many MANSIONS with pools, huge patios, decks, staff to cook your meals, and everything. There are mansions that fit up to 30 people, or for us, perfect for 6. 

What Gemma is wearing in this post (because I mean how perfect is this look?)

Free People White Two-Piece Dress

Cult Gaia Bag

Anything I missed? Have you been? What else can we share with any babes who are looking to go?

Okay off to unpack and chill before bed, I loves you.




Okay guys. 

Continuing the healthy living Cabo Prep/Summer bod series with the TRUTH. 

Do you remember when I had Danielle Pascente on the Almost 30 Podcast? We talked all things diet, nutrition, and being a business owner with Danielle and it was one of the most fun I've had on Almost 30. You can find the ep here:

A little bio on Danielle: 

"Danielle Pascente is an established personal trainer/sports model in Los Angeles and is the creator of the Kick-Ass Training Guide (KATG), 6 week workout guide.  She can be found as the lead trainer for the 30 Day Fat Burn series on BeFit. Danielle was recently named as a trending fitness star by Shape Magazine in 2016. She’s been training clients for over 10 years and has a passion for helping people reach their health/fitness goals.  She’s a firm believer that consistency is key when it comes to your health.  Even the smallest positive daily habits can have a lasting effect!"

I for one, absolutely love Danielle. She's smart, REAL, fun, FUNNY, STUNNING, a badass, a good friend, dedicated, and aware. She also kind, warm and really can kick your ass as a trainer. Follow her on instagram - she's my fav - she always keeps it real - and keeps it authentic (@daniellepascente). 

She's a celebrity fitness trainer in LA, also a fitness model and coach. I have admired her six pack from afar, and was SO EXCITED she came out with a serious workout and fitness bible. I mean it was way overdue, ya know? 

TELL ME UR SECRETS PLZ - like need them, and perfectly so put all her fit chick tricks (triple rhyme there OH YAH) in one handy guide!

The Kick-Ass Training Guide baby (#KATG)

The all you need, for BOMB workouts, fitness tips, shopping guides and more. I'm sure you've seen guides all over the internet, and even more you've seen the results and transformation shots.

There's a reason for that. These are the workouts people like Danielle are doing, and the foods they are eating. What their health and nutrition tips are, and ways to stay motivated.

It's all you need to get fit, feel better, and get strong.


I'm a HUGE group worker outer. It's like what I do, and have been doing for the past few years with ClassPass. BUT I am sort of wondering about how effective it's been. It's sort of random, and not consistent with what I do. With #KATG I was able to mix my workouts up, every day so nothing feels the same, and I'm never bored. But it's also way quicker, easier, and cheaper, because I can do it wherever I am.

It's been nice for me especially when I travel. So, I can do the classpass workouts still, and take this when I travel to workout in hotel rooms, on the go. I also love to do it on the weekend when I'm on the beach (in the wee hours of the morning so no one can look at me - LOL). I was in Oakland three weeks ago for work and did a quick 30 minute workout in the morning before I started my day. It's a great mix up, and without it I wouldn't have worked out at all. 


(remember that? just had a charlie sheen moment...anywho)

So, if you're reading this your obviously the coolest but also, if you like:

  • Saving money (all you need is the guide and no gym membership)
  • Working out wherever you are
  • Mixing it up
  • Following a plan
  • Being a part of a community (there's also access to a secret group on FB!)
  • Having a coach (Danielle is available to be your coach!)

Then this is REAL GOOD FOR YOU. (& YOU CAN WIN THE GUIDE TOO! Details later..)

So what's in the Kick Ass Training Guide?

Exactly what it sounds like, #KATG is a 6 week training guide, comprised of workouts you can do anywhere, anytime with minimal equipment.  

The workouts range in duration from 15-45 minutes and are a combination between circuit training, HIIT, & cardio.  

This guide is #biblevibes and includes 120 pages of content. It includes:

  • 6 week training guide
  • 2 week preparation training
  • 10+ pages of nutritional guidelines.
  • 60 pages of exercises/cueing to go along with them.
  • Photo breakdowns of each exercise.
  • Tracking Logs.
  • Step-by-step progress instructions.
  • Recovery methods
  • Warm-up & cool down methods.
  • Full access to me by e-mail.
  • Equipment modifications.
  • Exclusive recovery product discount available inside.
  • SO much more kick-ass stuff (aka Danielle’s special touches)

Oh, and I needed to share this. One of my favorite parts of the guide (it's written by Danielle):

These tips are SO GOOD TO KNOW when adopting ANY type of fitness program. Like tattoo this on my face plz. This is how thoughtful she is in here, and if you get the KATG you get access to someone who drops wisdom like this:

1. Let go of expectation. Having unreasonable expectations is the easiest way to fail. Celebrate each small victory and don’t be crazy hard on yourself. Change takes time (much more than 6 weeks). I encourage you to view this as the start but not the end at the 6 week mark.

2. Look at the bigger picture. What are your bigger picture goals? Write down some long term goals that you want to do for yourself. For instance, “I want to get fit so I can feel better and stronger.” OR, “I want to create better health habits so I can be a good example for my children.” Of course you can create short term goals like, “I want to look good in a bikini come spring.” But what I can say, is that there is always something you will be prepping for. That’s life. It could be Valentine’s day, a birthday, spring break, a wedding, a bachelor/bachelorette party, pool party, start of a new school year, a holiday weekend, ETC. You get the gist.

It’s much easier to adopt a balanced lifestyle 365 then go super hard and restrictive for 6 weeks and call it quits after that short term goal.

3. Believe in yourself. I know that’s easier said than done at times. When you wake up in the morning, take 5 deep breaths before you even get out of bed. On each exhale, speak a positive thing about yourself. For example, deep inhale followed by an exhale, “I’m going to kick ass today.” It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, just speak some short positive affirmations to yourself. This will set the standard for each day.

4. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen. You must be ready to put in the work. This is a tough pill to swallow sometimes if you aren’t ready to hear it. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a sometimes thing. It’s something you make part of your daily habits or routine. Much like going to work, or feeding yourself, or brushing your teeth, or the list goes on. If you want to feel great, you have to work for it. It isn’t a quick fix. It won’t happen overnight. You have to put in the work and carve out time for creating a healthy life! The changes will become routine after awhile but at first it’s an adjustment. Don’t give up! In order to get something you really want, you have to put in the work....period.

5. Keep it simple. Try not to overthink every little thing when it comes to fitness. You can easily be overstimulated by all the information that’s out there. Don’t go down that hole. The simplicity behind developing good habits is by DOING. Do your workout. Do your best to eat healthy. Do the best with what you have (i.e. you are at a restaurant and there are only terrible choices on the menu). Mindset shift: I can order something that has nutrient value and that is much better than throwing in the towel and ordering something crazy OR starving myself. Another example would be, “I don’t have time to workout today.”

Mindset shift: Today is a bit crazy but I’m going to try and squeeze in a 10 minute workout when I get home from work.

Danielle and I did one of the workouts together, so you can check it out, follow along and see what #KATG is all about yo! 

Included in this workout video:

This specific workout is a full body cardio burn from Danielle’s KATG.  The protocol is 5 exercises repeated 3 times.  The rep counts are featured in the video and will also be noted below!  No equipment is necessary but you can add weight to a few of these exercises for an extra challenge.

1 - Mountain Climbers (40 reps)

  • Start in a push-up position
  • Wrists and shoulders stacked
  • Lift one foot off the floor and drive your knee into your chest
  • If you can’t get to chest, drive it in as far as you can
  • Engage core
  • Return to starting position
  • Lift the other foot off the floor and repeat
  • Alternate legs and find a rhythm 

2 - Squat Jumps (15 reps)

  • Start in standing position, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart
  • Squat down, engage your core
  • Butt out, weight in heels/glutes
  • As you drive through your glutes, jump straight back up
  • Use your arms for momentum behind you
  • Land safely back in squat position with knees bent

3 - Forward Alternating Lunges (20 reps)

  • Start in standing position, feet together
  • Walk forward into a lunge
  • Push off back foot to bring you back to standing
  • Continue forward with the opposite leg
  • Weight in your heels, glutes firing
  • Knee does not extend past your toe
  • Keep knee at 90 degree angle in lunge

4 - Broad Jump Burpees (10 reps)

  • Start standing in a slight squat position with chest up and weight in heels
  • Use your arms to swing forward as you jump forward
  • Jump as far forward as you can without compromising landing
  • Land in a deep squat position
  • Weight in heels, chest up, glutes firing
  • Plant hands on ground
  • Jump feet back into a plank position 
  • Shoulders and worst should be stacked
  • Core engaged
  • Hop feet back in
  • Push through your gluten as you drive up
  • Jump back up to standing with arms overhead
  • Walk back to start position

5 - Side Plank (45 seconds each side)

  • Lie on one side with your legs stack on top of one another
  • Prop your body up on your elbow while keeping your feet stacked
  • Raise your body so hip is heading toward the ceiling
  • Glance up at the arm that is extended or keep head neutral
  • For additional support, cross your upper leg in front of your lower one

Since adding this, I've noticed that my cardio level is wayyyyy up. Like I need to be doing dynamic HIIT workouts that are quick. I loved how it was all in one, get it done and go. Workout and move on (plus you see results).

SO TODAY: we are running a giveaway of one guide on my instagram (a $79.99 value). All you need to do is like the photo, follow me and Danielle, and @ 2 friends you'd want to enter to win as well. 
That's it! Winner will be announced tomorrow!

Super exciting right? My get right Cabo series y'all eating right and (trying) to keep it tighttttttt.

Okay it's 9 PM and I seriously turn into a troll after 9. 




CABO PREP SERIES: DE-BLOATING With KleanLA (tips for getting beach ready)

Hola loves!

How are ya? How was the weekend?

I went to the clippers game, comedy store, got prepared for Cabo next weekend...

Oh yes, Cabo baby!
I'm going for one of my best friend Gemmas bachelorette :) and it's going to be 6 of us total (love). 

We're staying in a DOPE mansion spot on the beach, and we'll be doing Flora Farms, a boat, sunset dinners...

Any recs? I've never been! Let me know! 

So, yes I completely understand the risk I take sounding so shallow by doing a mini cabo prep series.

BUT honestly, I wanted to look forward to something, and really give myself a timeline to work towards to get in REAL tight shape. If I feel good about my body I'm in a better mood, just the damn TRUTH.

Just keepin' it hundred.

Oh and did I mention that the babes on my trip are basically super models? 

That's another reason to get RIGHT, ha.

With the trip coming up, I knew I had to do something in regards to food to make sure that I was going to be eating well. 

Staying full, eating lightly, eating foods that are anti-inflammatory, nutritious and filling... also to try and reign it in all eating treats all day. 
But when I'm eating well and it satiates me, I tend to reach for the desert way less.

So, nothing more for me to do but call KleanLA for the goods.

So this time around, I got both the Get Going Special, and the Kleanse.

For the past two weeks I've been eating their 4 meals, and the juice cleanses after.

Yes, I have been eating other things (like these Moon Juice crackers), protein shakes with avocado, choc zero (no sugar chocolate) and a few other things. But the basics of my day consist of these meals. 

They're delicious and cover every nutritional base, therefore I'm surprisingly good. I don't want much else, I feel satiated and satisfied.

There are some core tenants that KleanLA follows, that I have outlined here along with what else I am doing to feel my best self! This is perfect to do once a quarter, once a month, or just when you want a reset. I noticed a major difference related to bloating, feeling too full, my skin clarity and energy.

De-bloating/anti-inflammatory eating:

Things to avoid:

Gum (it makes you feel bloated because of the fake sugars, and can make you feel hungry more often) 

Kombucha (I decided to cut this out because I was drinking 1 or 2 a day!)

Milk or dairy products (dairy causes lots of inflammation in your body)

Things to add:

FIBER (lots of it)

WATER (lots of it)

Aloe Juice (great for digestion and skin, make sure it's no sugar)

Apple Cider Vinegar (makes me feel super full, and helps to balance the pH in your body)

Healthy fats (found in avocados, coconut oil, nuts - I've been doing tahini lately on EVERYTHING)

Berries (high in vitamins, and antioxidants - they're anti-inflammatory)

Vegetables (because, DUH! With each KleanLA meal I got in so many more vegetables than I would have normally)

Sleep (for real, sleeping more regulates your hormones - I loved this article on sleep, hormones and your weight you can read here)

My new favorite treats:

Moon Juice Green Fermeneted Seed Crisps

Choc Zero Zero Sugar Zero Carb Chocolate (45 calories a piece and EVERYTHING)

Raw Chocolate Bark via 

Bhakti Chai (super sweet and no sugar)

What I love about KleanLA (that you can also do before a big event):

PLAN YOUR MEALS (for real, plan out what you're eating, so you can be prepared. By planning for your setbacks, you set yourself up for success. Having meals ready, is KEY for me, and doesn't allow me to go off the rails and just eat whatever is around)

Don't deprive yourself (if you're like me, you'll end up overeating later, so if I have my healthy meals planned, and even a desert planned, so that I'm eating enough. Anytime when I've tried to deprive myself, it always ends horribly and I'll binge later. With KleanLA I am eating every few hours, and I know where my meals come from, therefore I am never deprived)

Food prep (that's where KleanLA comes in for me, they do it all and it's right to my door. If you're at home though, prep your food and meals on Sunday so you're ready and set for the week)

Make it tasty (make sure you're eating food that tastes good, because if it doesn't taste good you're definitely going to want something else later - most likely something that does taste good. I can't say enough about KleanLA's meals - they are all so different, all have amazing sauces and flavors that I would NEVER make at home. If you're able to cook yourself, mix it up! To make sure you WANT to eat it, not just something you SHOULD be eating)

Keep it balanced (make sure you have fats, proteins and greens in your meals. I wrote this article on why it's a game changer you can read here)

A few of my meals this past week from KleanLA for inspo:

Meal One
Vegan Potato Cakes Stuffed with Kale & Mushrooms
 on Spinach
Asparagus, Roasted Tomato on Spinach
Potato Hashbrowns

Meal Two
Citrus Herb Hearts of Palm & Bell Peppers Salad
Tomato & Cucumber on Romaine
Quinoa & Quinoa
Dairy Free Ranch
Coconut “Bacon” & Chives

Meal Three
Swedish Mushroom & Quinoa Meatballs
Broccoli on Spinach
Brown Rice Fussili Pasta
Swedish Mushroom Sauce & Parsley 

Meal Four
Cajun Grilled Zucchini
Okra & Tomato Wedges on Arugula
Brown Rice Pilaf & Lentils
Jambalaya Sauce

Again I've been eating meals from the Get Going Special, which provides 6 days of food. Some of my favorite meals, were the tofu scramble, cauliflower steak, sauteed mushrooms...YUM.

The second week, I got the Kleanse Special which helps me to alkalize my body, neutralize acid while boosting your metabolism. It has 6 days of food which includes 3 organic pressed juices and 2 Klean meals per day.  This is a nice transition with amazing juices as I get closer and closer to my bikini bod.

Looks so good right? What else do you do for beach prep? Any tips I missed for cleaning up your diet before a big event? 

Share your secrets plz.

Next up I'll be writing about the workout schedule, y'all!