Nashville is on the UP AND UP! I swear! I have been hearing more and more about it from people, so when I was on the East Coast last week I knew I had to check it out. 

It's a quick drive from my hometown, in Ohio, and was PERFECT for just a weekend. There's tons of cute shops, places to eat and things to do. I wouldn't recommend going for too long :) but I seriously loved the vibe. Plus, a trip with your best friend and sister? I MEAN. I'm in heaven! I never get to spend time with my HOME-es so it gave me life. 

Most importantly the FOOD. It was all about food in Nashville and the meals I had were AMAZING. Living in LA you get really good food for the majority of the time, but I was so blown away at some of the options. 

There's southern style food, there's some vegan spots, and there's also really great farm to table options. 

Getting there you can fly into Nashville, or drive from surrounding cities. I would definitely recommend renting a car (even if you Uber at night) because it's pretty spread out and there were a few areas we wanted to go and see that were over a 15 minute drive away.

In the summer it gets SUPER hot too. I was really sticky, had to wear my hair up, no makeup on my face (because it would melt) vibes. 

I really loved how there's a Brooklyn type vibe in some parts were some rustic authentic urban cowboy vibe. You can stay in a hotel, airbnb, or my favorite, Urban Cowboy bed and breakfast. 

Shop my easy red dress here from Urban Outfitters. This little guy is super soft, super flattering and fits just right. I was about to wear it all day and felt comfortable going to all places in the city. HUGE FAN, and highly recommend! 

Places to Eat:

Adele's (SO CUTE and instagrammable - the food we had was so fresh and delicious)

The Wild Cow (vegan baby! I loved this spot for all things healthy plant based eats)

ACME Feed & Seed (really popular spot in downtown Nashville for brunch! Can get really busy but it's good)

The Soda Parlor (such a classic and so good for ice cream or a treat)

Pinewood Social (my favorite place there! So much fun to hang, play games and the food is amazing)

Five Daughter's Bakery (THE BEST. They have vegan options, too!)

Etch (SO GOOD. One of the best meals I've had)

Bar Taco (really popular, and really good spicy margaritas)

Little Octopus (really good meal - it's upscale and delicious)

Caviar and Bananas (LOVED this spot! So good for everyone for breakfast, quick, grab and go and the vibe was insane!)

Things to Do: 

The Gulch (some cute shops, a Barry's Bootcamp, and other things to shop and see)

Westin Rooftop (the best view of Nashville - it's really hip and amazing for a drink)

12 South (my favorite area, so many cute places to eat and shop)

Karaoke at Tootsie's Karaoke Lounge (super fun, the singers are AMAZING)

Visit the Parthenon in the Park (love that this is in a park! It's super cute, easy and fun to see)

Amelia's Flower Truck (SO CUTE and so great for photos!)

Other Nashville appropriate threads:

Anything I missed my babes? Have you been? Let me know so we can add to this list!

Loving you, xoxo



Have you ever had the feeling that you’re not fully expressing yourself? That you have more to say? Maybe that there’s something missing? 

Although I have a blog, The Hundred Blog, which is and has been an outlet for me in a myriad of ways, I knew there was more. I knew that I could connect with more people in a different way. 

So I asked for more. 

Seriously! I asked the universe for the missing piece.

As things would have it, Lindsey (Simcik), my future podcast co-host was brought in my life. Along with her fun loving spirit, desire for growth and love of life, she had that same feeling I did. Each time we’d talk about what we want to do next, I’d reference podcasts that I had listened to that had inspired me. Podcasts like Being Boss, Rich Roll and Tim Ferriss. After so many conversations, Lindsey said, “why don’t we start a podcast”? 

Well, why don’t we? 

Once Lindsey and I had that first idea for Almost 30, we got to work right away. Even though 99% of it was unusable, and will never see the light of day, we recorded. We spent 6 months, and countless hours cooped up in closets recording what we thought would be a great podcast. 

Behind two microphones, we talked about everything. We didn’t really know the concept or idea, but we tried on a few different ideas and concepts we had pulled from all of the podcasts that I loved and listened to daily.  

That’s our process. We’re do-ers, not planners. We like to try things out, physically do them to figure out our path. The plan, came later. 

Although we didn’t know what the format would be, or if people would even listen, we knew what we wanted it to be about. Almost 30 Podcast is about transformation, about growth, and it’s about navigating some of the most formative years of your life (your twenties and thirties). These are the years when you’re choosing who to date, where to work, where to live, which friendships to keep, how to manage your finances, how to connect with your spirituality, how to stay inspired…it’s a super transformative time! 

As a whole, Almost 30 Podcast is a fun way to approach topics that can have a positive impact on your life. We talk about career, dating, sex, love, money and so much more. It’s approachable, authentic, fun and available each week on iTunes. I recommend you listen!

The best part about podcasting is that when you hear me speak you’re able to catch my tone, and hear my cadence…You can actually feel that person that you’re listening to using their voice. 

My impact has been so much greater, my connection to an audience and the listeners of Almost 30 Podcast feels so much deeper and more authentic than ever before, too. When people recognize me, or reach out, or give me a compliment, its feels so much more real because they’ve heard me say something as it was intended to be said. There is only so much emotion you can put into writing sometimes. 

If you’re thinking you’d like to start to do more, and maybe doing video or YouTube seems intimidating, having a podcast could be it! I knew that YouTube intimidated me way too much. Unless I was committing myself to be a full time YouTuber, it wasn’t going to happen. Plus you can podcast without makeup on, I mean how amazing is that?

Tips on how to start podcast:

Listen to Podcasts: This is/was key for me! You need to hear what you like, what you don’t like, how they are structured, what is the flow, how do they work with sponsors…it’s so important to actually like the medium itself before you decide to get into it! I wrote about my favorite podcast episodes here.

Ask to be a guest on someone else's podcast: Join other podcasts and speak your truth in front of an audience. If you are able to collaborate with others who have podcasts this will give you practice sharing your voice, being recorded on a microphone. It can feel weird at first so working through the awkwardness is so important!

I have been on, Actually Adultish, Becoming Fearless, and Digital Overwhelm as an example. 

Record yourself on your computer: Try to use the microphone and Garageband on your computer for a while. Play around with editing sound and hearing your voice. Again you need to get and be super comfortable with yourself.

Be consistent: Nothing is worse than when someone starts podcast, or any project, goes full throttle for a month and then stops. Like any business venture, you need to be committed and commit yourself to creating consistent content. 

Think about answering these questions:

  • What is your podcast about?
  • How will you position yourself in the market?
  • What kind of microphone will you use? 
  • How will you produce and edit your show? Who will produce and edit your show?
  • How will you integrate creating this into your workflow?
  • How will you launch and market your podcast?
  • Will you have other people on your podcast? If so, who?

I think the most challenging part is figuring out the audio and sound. We have a studio, sound guy and editor that we use, and it’s critical for the quality of our sound. Having quality sound allows a seamless experience for your listeners and keeps them focused on what you are saying instead of the other noises, or lack of clear sound they are hearing. 

The most important part, of course, is to stay true to who you are. Authentically. If you love Harry Potter, create a Harry Potter podcast, and put everything into it. Whatever it is that you have to say, use this space to say it!

If you want more information, and ALL of the nitty gritty details, I'd suggest getting my guide, here:

What's included in this guide:

  • Worksheets to help brainstorm your podcast name and niche
  • Questions to help guide an exciting style and vibe that people will want to listen to 
  • Detailed help for getting your RSS feed, and understanding the 'HOW' of your podcast
  • Tips and tricks to use when growing your audience
  • A document with strategies for getting sponsors and amazing guests
  • Information on the tools you'll need to record for crisp quality sound

I now work with babes who want to start their own podcast, to strategize and figure out the message they want to share. If you want to do 1-1 podcast launch help, I have that here. Having grown Almost 30 to a half million downloads in under a year, we've learned a lot! So I am so happy to work with and share with others.

OKAYYYY so questions? How can I help? Let me know let me know!

I love ya!






$10000 Giveaway and 20% off WERK WEAR from Rachel ROY!

Werk wear doesn't feel so, me. I know.

But the other day I was at a client meeting in San Francisco, and I brought my clothes in my carry-on because I had flown in that morning (definitely can't wear work clothes on a flight...) and once I put on the clothes, I looked at myself in the bathroom and realized that I had been wearing the SAME work clothes for the past three years now. 


They weren't OUT of style per say, but I definitely didn't feel confident, or like it was 2017 Krista.

Oh also, if you didn't know, I work at 9-5 job in digital marketing as a Senior Account Manager, and YES I juggle the blog and podcast on the side.

I'm a little crazy, hehe.

So 2017 Krista, wants to feel more put together, more intentional about what I'm wearing. Wherever I am, I want to feel good. 

That isn't vain, it isn't self absorbed or wasteful, it's just the truth, and being thoughtful about your outfit is part of that.

So I was super excited when my go-to for work attire reached out to work together, Rachel Roy. Where I never would have expected the blush look, I am LOVING it. The top is super easy and can be dressed up or dressed down, the skirt I can wear at night with a black moto jacket, and the blazer is so 70's glam. I sort of want to wear it as a dress with no pants. 

Is that bad?

Blush Work Wear (all on sale!) and you can also use my code: HundredBlog20 for an additional 20% off!

Blush Metallic Tank - $30

Pleated Skirt - $38

Double Breasted Jacket - $106.99

All of this under $150 (with the 20% off discount) - crazy right?

Also, for details on the giveaway! 

I decided to team up with some of my favorite bloggers and bring you a Nordstrom Giveaway. One lucky reader will win a $1,000 gift card to Nordstrom. To enter, please use the widget below. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Money Can Buy Lipstick | Something Dashing | A Sparkle Factor | Glitter & Spice | DTK Austin By Brittani Lauren | Style Weekender | Life Lutzurious | I'm Fixin' To Blog | So Heather January Hart | Adored by Alex | Sunflowers & Stilettos | Nines to 5 | Blush & Blooms RDs Obsessions | Mrs Casual | Style of Sam | Chasing Cinderella Blog | Sunsets & Stilettos A Lily Love Affair | The Trendy Tomboy | Darling Dearest Blog | The Beauty Beau | Rose Gold Lining Red Soles & Red Wine | The Closet Crush | Cup of Charisma | Dressing Dallas | Vandi Fair Marblelously Petite | Zoe with Love | Tonya Michelle 26 | Jules & Grey | Hundred Blog Miss Estephanie | xoxo Bella | La Passion Voutee | Living Life Pretty | Pretty Yellow Things Image and video hosting by TinyPic Use the widget below to enter the giveaway. The more “tasks” you complete, the more entries you will receive. The winner will be announced (on the widget) within 2 weeks of the giveaway ending. The giveaway is open to the U.S. and Canada. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now I'm off to do some Rachel Roy shopping, and hoping you check out some of the other bloggers in the giveaway :). The best of the best!

Have a great Wednesday!