The Perfect Weekend in San Diego

Thanks San Diego for graciously sponsoring me to share this experience with you, I am super grateful. All opinions are of course my own.

Le Sigh. Feeling refreshed ya'll. 

You would think that living in Los Angeles (in Venice by the beach actually) you'd be really relaxed and feel unphased by all that's happening.


But, thats not true and in LA it's pretty hectic. I don't want to complain, but there's things like traffic, lots of people,'s just a lot sometimes. 

So, when I think about travel I really look for places that are different than here. Or places that are more chilll.


That's one of the reasons I love San Diego. I landed that afternoon at the airport, and LET ME TELL YA, landing at an airport where you can easy breezy walk in and walk out, FEELS AMAZING. I love when there's no traffic, and I am able to get to where I need to go lickity split.

But you feel it right when you land.

That feeling that you're in California. Like true California where people are laid back, everyone's friendly, people value the outdoors, clean eating and enjoying's a beautiful thing

Just when you're thinking that you've been living in California you're whole life, you visit San Diego and recognize that it's the TRUE California.


Let me explain.

San Diego has a healthy dose of sunshine, a cool surf-town scene, and hands-down the best Mexican food north of the border.

It's got the pristine year-round weather, cute beach nooks, friendly people and it's full of things to do. There's also a flourishing restaurant and bar scene, and everyone seems to really enjoy life. There are museums, and the popular Gaslamp Quarter is great for partying if you're into that sort of thing :).


For me, it was a perfect romantic holiday getaway, but it's also a family-friendly destination (with lots to do for families). 

Plus, every month is a good month to visit San Diego (or anywhere in California for that matter) since there really is no such thing as an off-season. If you’d like to avoid a moderate influx in traffic, stick to March through May and September through November. But the sweet spot for visitors is in the fall and winter months, when hotel room rates are lower and weather is still above average temperatures.

Must Do Things During a Weekend Trip: 

Balboa Park: With more than 85 activities inside this 1,200-acre park, there’s no shortage of things to do. We strolled through the Japanese Garden (which was really fun) and just people watched everyone who was out and about enjoying themselves. I love that it's a big park in the middle of the city, that has so much to do but also gives people space to just relax in the grass and soak up the sun.


Torrey Pines State Park: This park could be my favorite in California. It's really easy to get to, to park, to walk and hike there, and you can go from the beach to the hike really easily. We spent a good part of the day here. It's $20 to get in.

Eat at Kindred: A vegan spot that has amazing decor, cool vibes and is perfect for non-vegans to. The menu is AMAZING and whenever I find a place where I can bring Justin and he is tricked into eating vegan, I am HAPPY.  

Get Matcha at Holy Matcha SD: I know it's basic, but I do not CARE. They have really amazing adaptogenic lattes and drinks, that are delicious and make me happy. Plus the pink makes for an amazing photo right?


Go to a Padres Game: Seriously. I went to a game on Saturday and it was SO FUN to walk in, sit in perfect weather and just HANG. People in SD love The Padres, so being a part of the action was really a TREAT. 

Hang at the Pendry Rooftop: Really love this place and it's got a gorgeous view of Downtown San Diego. Hang here for a nice afternoon by the pool. 

Explore La Jolla: The cutest little town, you feel at home here.


Talk to the Locals: That's the big thing about SD, the people remind me of home (like my home home in the MidWest). They're nice, warm, open, and really into family and sports, ha. It's a refreshing thing!

Pick Strawberries at Suzie’s Farm: Justin and I had such a cute little date at the farm, it was nice to be outside and OMG the strawberries! SO GOOD. 


Visit Liberty Public Market: We walked around here and browsed the trendy eateries, bars, and specialty food & craft vendors at this cute market, located in an updated Navy building in Liberty Station. Plus there is a huge outdoor eating area features a garden, as well as live music on Sundays that you can hang out to. 

Catch a sunset at Sunset Cliffs: Justin and I did a romantic evening here, and this is one of the most breathtaking places to watch the sunset by the ocean, period. 

Shop at Pigment: A cute little card store in North Park, they also have great spots to get photos for the gram (shown here!) 


Hike Potato Chip Rock: We didn't get to do this, because it's actually about an hour + outside the city, but every time I see the pictures, I just die. This hike is so rad, just look up Potato Chip Rock on IG and you'll know why this is so famous. 


You can also take a look at my San Diego Guide here, which outlines and details the full list of things to do and see in San Diego! Take both for your next trip, and make sure to let me know what you did, where you stayed and if you need any tips! I'm available via DM on IG at @hundredblog.

Anything I missed? So excited for you to explore San Diego! 



Living my best life in my FAVORITE look EVER

Not much more I can say than the fact that this outfit actually makes me happy. Like in my core and so deeply. I am not one that usually wants go to straight to buying something to make me happy, but I forgot what it feels like to actually wear clothes that make me happy. 

Most of what I have been wearing I honestly just throw on. I don't have much time to really plan outfits, get ready, or care about matching everything perfectly. I workout in the morning, go to work, work after work or do dinner, hang with J, so being picture perfect just isn't always in the cards for me as a big priority. 


But when I was given the opportunity to work with Nicole Miller, I could not BELIEVE what's happening this season.

I mean, evil eyes? On this whole set? I sort of can't explain how me it is. Finding a look that makes me feel like my best self is LIFE.

I can't say more, but want to share the links as inspiration, and the notion that really being thoughtful about what you're wearing every once and a while can really give you that pep in your step and change how you bring your energy into a situation.



What's your favorite go-to feel good look? 

Sending you love this week, hope you're surviving the mercury retrograde!


So you want to start a podcast?

Hi babes.

I get messages almost daily about starting a podcast. They're HUGE right now, and growing. It's the new blogging, and I am so glad I got in over a year and a half ago before it felt so saturated.


I love the medium so much, because you can't game the system. You have to have a good personality, and you need to be interesting and likable, period. You can't hide your personality on a podcast. 

What I'm saying is, go on with ya bad self. I never felt more fully expressed until I started podcasting. There's so much more to say that I convey in my tone, my speech, my jokes and during a natural conversation where I seek to share someone with you. 

But I wanted to write about starting a podcast and share a few tips if you're thinking about starting one.

If you want the full low down, check out my Podcast Guide - it goes into detail, the steps to starting and growing a podcast. 

What you must know first about starting a podcast:

Make sure you're sound is on point: Oh honey child you need to have good sound. It messes up the flow of your conversation, and gets really distracting if there's popping, crackling, differences in can lose people easily. To make sure your sound is quality, you need to be in a quiet space (duh) you and your guests need to have headphones or headsets in, and if you want, hire someone whose professional to help out. We've done that from square one and it's been a huge differentiater for us. Make this a priority.

If you want to buy equipment, you can use this link here to buy what we use on Amazon!


Practice, practice, practice: People have REALLY short attention spans y'all. If you didn't notice when you're on your phone the entire time that you're watching TV, while making dinner and ordering things you need on's hard for us to pay attention to one thing at a time. Take this into consideration when putting out your podcast. You need to make sure your first episodes hook em in :) it may be your only chance to get listeners, and if they don't like it at first listen, you could lose em. So, practice, be in your voice, and make sure you get out all the shitty parts, awkward parts, uninteresting parts, before you share your gold with the world. 


Have something to say: This is so major man. I cannot express it enough. This can't be the message to buy certain products, or to join this needs to be the message of your soul. It's corny but the message of your soul, is channeled from your higher self. It's a message from source, God, whatever, that the person on the receiving end needs to hear.  If you're being inauthentic, or hiding something, or have an ulterior motive, people can tell. The #1 reason for our success is the fact that from day one Lindsey and I have been our authentic selves. We have not held back in any way shape or form, and everyone's seen the process. The messy, messy process. 

There's a lot more about technicalities marketing and growing an audience in the guide, and I could go on for days about how much work it is (I don't take weekends off and spend most mornings and nights working on things). But that could be boring :).


I'm always here too if you have questions, etc. just email me and I am here to help ya!

Oh yes, and you can download The Almost 30 Podcast here

Love ya,