I'm super excited about 2015 and making new goals for the year. I'm sort of obsessed with goals, writing things down and checking in on my progress. If want to get better, it's one of the only ways to honestly know how you're progressing.  Honestly, I write daily, weekly and monthly goals to make sure I stay on track with everything (it's my only OCD). 

A friend of mine gave me a journal last year and it's crazy what goals I had written compared to what I accomplished. I wanted to run a half marathon, so I ran 6 of them. I wanted to travel internationally alone (a random goal) and I did it. I traveled alone for 28 days in Patagonia. There was of course many that others that I did and didn't accomplish (travel to Australia, be at my dream weight, save 20k - lol), but it's always good to have those top of mind for the future.

For the goals I didn't achieve, I didn't have a reason why behind them. Why did I want to be my dream weight, or have 20k in the bank? I don't even know really, maybe look hot for an insta pic or have money to spend on a trip? No clue. But this was something I thought about this year when I wrote my new ones. Being clear on why I want to achieve these goals, will get me so much further.

Although today I'm sick (obviously I'm running over reasons all day why I got sick to and I think it's the NYC subway). I'm chillin sippin on these to try and feel better so I can actually start to accomplish what I wrote down. Organic Avenue is my shit. 

I did want to share some rad tools and insights that I've found helpful for inspiration and goal setting. 

A good article to be realistic about goals. This one is really good for me, a reminder of patience. 


These podcasts are my legit obsession. I listen to them all the time on the subway and I feel like I'm multi-tasking and provided with inspiration on a daily basis (yah I'm sweet). 


I know LuluLemon gets a weird rap with stuff, but their goal setting is on point. I use this a lot and I love how it asks you to 'think about how it will look and feel to achieve your goal'


I'm writing all my goals this afternoon after a good meditation session and will share the good ones soon.