New Years Goal Setting Strategy: How I think about 2017

Hi guys! Hello!

Writing from San Fran today - took a little trip from L.A. to Santa Barbara, to Big Sur and up to SF. Writing a full recap and travel guide later! Feeling much more inspired and refreshed after a bit of travel. 

Oh and importantly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I mean 2017? What? A part of me thinks last year dragged, but then it's also so surprising that it's a new year. 

Do you guys remember in January 2016 I talked about starting your goals with how you want to FEEL? Here's the link to that one.

If you didn't catch it, basically I talked about, staring my goal setting with FEELINGS. Rather than the goals themselves. I wrote:

"For this year, more importantly I'm adding - how I want to feel emotionally

All of my goals normally start with the end game, what do I want to achieve. i.e. save $20k or something like that. 

But why?

I recently got a book from one of my babes, which turns my goal setting strategy, completely upside down. 

I have been so guilty of the straight up goals; Travel to x country, lose x amount of weight (LOL)....

But if you really drill down, essentially, you're not chasing a goal itself. You're chasing a feeling.

What if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions? What if your most desired feelings consciously informed how you plan your day, your year, your career, your holidays — your life?"

So I will be using that as a bit of a guide as I think back on 2016 and look towards 2017. 

For me, 2016 had a solid amount of lows. If I'm honest, I was really putting in the work to set the foundation for a better life in 2017. Making sacrifices socially, and financially to make the blog solid, and create my new passion in podcasting. BUT - the highs were SO HIGH. I had such amazing moments as well. 

The ebbs and flows of life.

But right now, I have to confess.

I’ve been so bad with goals lately.

Which is so not like me. I’m a goal whore. I LOVE THEM. I usually am religious about them, and it works because I’m not SO attached to the outcome. Why is that though? I also feel like when I’m writing my goals they’re so lame and related to numbers. I’m trying to be specific but it’s boring.

I’ve fallen off, with tracking and writing down my goals, so this year I need to get back because I want to really make 2017 good.

Just like, bring in more good, have less bad.

I’ve been doing a few things related to goal setting and reflection as I prepare for 2017. It’s therapeutic to write this shit down, I swear. What do you guys do? Do you have any tips or anything for goal setting or new years resolutions? I love this stuff so let me know what it is, so we can share ideas.

My strategy for this years goals and 2016 reflections. Here I've written mine to share with you, and to provide an example :).

Write down 3 accomplishments:

Launching The Almost 30 Podcast

Finding a job I love

Traveling in Asia (twice!)

Write down 3 changes in your life:

Added a new passion project

Added a full time job

Shifts in my friends (some friendships have evolved and some haven't)

Write down 3 relationships you improved:

Justin (always!), Lindsey, Kaitlin (my hometown bestie)

Write down 1 good habit you created:

Drinking water first thing in the morning - game changer! 

Write down 1 tough time and what you learned from it:

I actually had a rough few months where my hormones were really out of whack and I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. I would be exhausted after any caffenine, or coffee, or any sort of stimuant. I would feel sluggish and I wasn't sleeping at all. I also had some weight gain which wasn't particularly attributed to anything. I self medicated myself during this time (like, Google Doctor shit) and bought so many vitamins to help heal myself - some that actually did more harm than good. I got my hormones tested (finally) figured out what was wrong (high estrogen, low cortisol) and really started to work to understand my body. Gaining the weight was hard to live with, especially when I'm in LA and in front of the camera so much. Just had to feel like that! But I learned that my body is so capable, and smarter than I could ever imagine. Also that I can't just diagnose myself of things, HA. 

Write down 3 goals for 2017:

I want our podcast to reach 100,000 downloads by May of next year (we’re on track for that!)

I want to interview more powerful, positive change makers and share them with you 

To get to know myself better, to understand who I am on a deeper level (why I do what I do)

I want to feel:

I want to feel purposeful. Like I’m on a mission, I know what I am doing, why I am doing it, and that it’s all going to be worth it

I also wrote down some goal ideas too, because I always need some to get the ideas flowing. This year I want to read more, say ‘no’ more to things that don’t excite me, make more of an impact with the channels I have, and volunteer more. There always needs to be a service piece.

Learn to meditate or incorporate a meditation practice

Volunteer regularly

Take a class

Take a solo trip

Understand how finances work

Organize your closet

Drink less

Cut out caffeine

Keep your email inbox organized

Give up social media for a week or month

Get regular massages

Stretch in the morning

Foam roll regularly

Do meatless Mondays, or eat meat for one meal instead of 2 or 3

Read more books

Donate a portion of your paycheck to charity (I do $25 a month to a charity, persons race or something of my choice).

Take care of yourself more

Call a friend weekly

Be more involved in the communities you’re in

Teach a class

Start a blog J (if you want help let me know!)

 Help someone achieve their goals

Journal more

Eat less processed foods

Read more labels

Start a gratitude journal

Earn more money :)

What I'm wearing (and loving right now) from Carbon38 X Curtis Kuling Collection

Alright guys, what do we think? What are your resolutions? I want to hear how you think about goal setting and the new year!

Let's discuss!