Kelly LeVeque Episode II and a GIVEAWAY on the Almost 30 Podcast!


How are you? How's the week? 

Hoping you're having a great summer so far - cherish these times right?

I don't know if you saw, but Saturday we had an event for Almost 30 Podcast called Love Your Body (some the photos are here). I won't go into so much detail, but it was amazing. Everyone showed up for themselves, and for others, was so kind, present, fun..

Plus we had amazing sessions from Kelly LeVeque, Danielle Pascente, Chelsea Liefken, and Danika Brysha.


I wrote a post about it last week, but thank you to everyone that came, and those that didn't and still showed love. 

I love ya.

What I learned from hosting this event:

THEY CAN BE STRESSFUL: I felt like I was so nervous and obsessed with this being amazing that I was a bit stressful the week before.

HAVE A CHARITY COMPONENT: We raised $1,000 for charity. Can't love this more.

EVERYONE HAS THEIR ISSUES: Truly. Every babe in that room was so different, had different bodies and lives, and had issues they were working against.

IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE CORNY: Seriously, it can be real authentic and honest! Events don't need to be all mushy and corny :).

But I needed to make sure I wrote a post because we have Kelly back on the podcast, and we go DEEP. We actually asked our Secret Almost 30 Facebook Group what questions to ask, and just did rapid fire. 

It's SO GOOD and chock full of knowledge and insights to keep you up to date with what's going on in the world health and nutrition wise.

She just released her book you can get it here on Amazon!

In this episode we talk about: 

  • how working out, eating, + stress affects cortisol levels + visa versa
  • which "tests" to get figure out what the heck is going on in your body
  • how fasting is probably NOT the best solution for anyone
  • a ketosis/ketone UPDATE! - the tremulous process, how it takes away hunger, it is brain protective, + what she really think about it
  • the deal with fasting before a workout
  • if seltzer water is good for you? like that #LaCroix trend?
  • fruit - a serving a day is all you need!
  • Kelly's fave snacks to get her through the day
  • is collagen a fad or actually the ISH we should all eat?


We also have a giveaway happening this week that's major! You can win a pair or rose gold super chic, cute, long lasting and quality wireless headphones. The sound is AMAZING, the battery lasts 8 hours, and they come with this super chic little leather case to carry them in.

I am obsessed - I've been wearing mine for the past week and it makes workouts so much easier, so much more fun (with great sound) and I don't lose them with the little leather case.

Love love love! So excited to share these babies with you!

How to enter the giveaway for rose gold sudio wireless headphones

1. Rate & Review Almost 30 Podcast on iTunes

2. Take a screen shot of your review

3. Email or DM to or @almost30podcast

4. That's it! We'll pick the winner in a week!

Lots to share and hoping you can get those reviews in my babes.

Thanks SO MUCH for coming to Hundred, being a part of #Almost30Nation and being you. 

Love ya, mean it.