Weekending in Chicago

 When did I fall out of love with going out until 4 AM every night?

I don’t even know when it happened, but it’s official. I’m feeling some type of way about my age y'all. 

I think the weening desire to go out until the wee hours every night, is more like an awareness of what my body’s saying and feeling, and then respecting that. Instead of housing pizza on the kitchen floor (because ‘the last time I technically ate was like 9 PM anyway’). LOL.

This weekend in the Chi, feeling older was a consistent topic of conversation.

How is it even possible that we don’t totally enjoy all of the things we used to be obsessed with?

Clubs are like annoying now, working out is sort of fun, loud bars are ‘just too much’ and sleep is a form of currency. You need to invest in it to see return in your health and energy, how you look and feel....

In the morning on Saturday we got up early and worked out in a slightly hungover state. Following that experience we were in firm agreement that we love waking up sober and working out before we start our day (old people passions). Brunches were talks about marriages and the future of ourselves and others.

We went to Soho House in the evening, which is my absolute obsession (another indicator of being old). The décor was on point and I love the vibe. It's like, a weird feeling knowing that everyone in the place, was vetted. (Not by a doorman but an application process). Haha, sort of ridiculous, no?

For the most part, my best friends and I are doing much of the same. Spending time with people we love, running around from place to place. #betches

But you could really feel that for the first time ever, it seemed like the tail end of our adventures. 

Whether someone’s moving away, moving on, or moving in with their significant other, it was very clear we wouldn’t be doing this much longer.

It’s interesting that when you’re married, or 10-15 years from now, you spend most of your time talking about where we are today. In our 20’s.

But when you're in your 20's you're talking about being married, and the future....

For real tho. 

Do I drop a sappy quote here? HMMMMM! I could, or I could just share some pics from the weekend. 

Now back to NYC. 

How are you feeling about getting a bit older? Weird, no? It's such an interesting time! Lemme know your thoughts and if you do like old people stuff like me nowwwww.