Beauty products I can't live without

You guys know I am a huge fan of the STEAL vs the splurge. 

With beauty I'm no different. I want to find the best, but I know that companies charge SO MUCH more than they should when products are really expensive. They're all pretty much owned by the same mega companies too - pretty crazy. 

But anyway, I was chatting with some girlfriends last week and wanted to share with you my favorite beauty buys right now. 

I also mentioned it on The Almost 30 Podcast special episode, which you can listen to, here:

These are key for me! I am a real low key makeup person as I get older - need it quick and need it affective. I only wear real makeup maybe once or twice a week. So what I do use, I LOVE.

Current Hundred Beauty Favs:

Garnier Micellar Water: Makeup Remover and Cleanser in One

I love me some drug store steals! This micellar water is like $7 and lasts months and months. I use it to wash the makeup (foundation) or lipstick off my face before washing so that I get so much cleaner. It’s also good for wiping off eye makeup at the end of the night!

L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm

My favorite hair mask hands down. I am a hair product SNOB and this is the only drug store buy that seriously works. It’s thick, it absorbs into the hair (instead of just sitting on top) and is $8 dollars at most grocery stores. I have really thick dry hair, so I use it every other time I wash my hair to keep my ends in check. Game changer!

Stilla Matte Liquid Lipstick in Patina

I have become a huge fan of using lipstick almost daily, for a little bit of life on my face. Most days I only wear BB cream or a bit of foundation, so putting lipstick on really defines the lips and makes me look way more awake. I love this color – flattering on all babes.

Charcoal Eye Makeup Remover by Boscia

This all natural, organic, eye makeup remover feels good on your eyes, I love that it’s all natural.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

The best foundation that’s worth the price tag. I have strangers on the street compliment how glow-y I look, and the bottle will last you forever!

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator

Kim K. uses this to keep her so glowy and luminous. It's truly the best for a night out when you want to really go for it. LOVE it when I use it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Romance Palette

The PERFECT palette for everyday. One that's versatile where you can blend it more to make it more intense, and also colors and shades you can wear everyday. I love it and have been looking for one that lasts like Anastasia does.

What did I miss? What's your favorite? SPILL.