Blog updates and the apps I use + babe feels in this Tobi dress

Oh hi!

How are ya guys? How was the weekend?

Summer is FLYING. We resigned our lease at our apartment - YAY. I got to work on some things, and hung with friends. For the most part, laid low. I leave for Chicago on Wednesday so preppin' until then!

So, I wouild love to use this post as a conversation starter because I feel like I learn the most from you.

I've wanted to talk in general about blogging. 

Some of the changes I've made to my blog and some apps I've used that are really helping me lately. 

This will cover helpful tips, apps, and just some updates on my end. I would LOVE to hear what you're doing differently or what you're noticing in the industry or blogging community. I want this to be helpful, but also a conversation between us :) 

First tho. I want to share this off the shoulder black dress from Tobi, because it's the BOMB. I mean, these pictures though? My girl Danika really killed this shoot.

It's super soft, you can dress it up and down, and it's becoming a go-to. I can wear it to the beach as a cover-up or out at night.

Or, by a door for a photoshoot - hehe.

Thoughts on social/blogging right now:

In general I do notice how 'crowded; the space is. Everyone and their mom has a blog.

Which if you think about it, is cool. I love that people are getting more comfortable expressing themselves, and I always remember (when people try to point out competition) that what makes each blog different is the person that's creating it. YOU are the differentiator.

I've been meeting with new bloggers on a coaching basis, and it's been really nice to discuss brand strategy and the creation of their vision. I have a goal in the future to create a coaching service or business that helps babes launch their business or blog of their dreams.

The common theme I've noticed here, is that we're all creative beings with something to express and it's becoming less of a stigma to do a blog overall. 

For Hundred Blog:

I have removed ads that I was using via Google AdSense. I don't think the amount I made from the ads was worth the look aesthetically.

For monetizing I'd rather stick to sponsorships and affiliate links. I noticed on the blogs I really loved, it was super clean and really focused on them, which I liked.

For Instagram, I've been struggling with keeping it authentic, keeping it real and to keep it looking aesthetically pleasing.

Anyone else with me here?

I want to post photos sometimes but the quality is meh, and I think when you make your Instagram more your brand you move away from personal posts. Which is interesting. I really loved what Jordan of The Balanced Blonde wrote on this here.

Right now I am seeing my blog as my way to share or a creative outlet I want. I don't want to compromise my posts and share a brand that I don't vibe with. Yes it's going to make me money, and I definitely work for that, but forcing it to be something before it's ready isn't the best thing to do.

I'd rather do, few sponsored posts, that are with brands I really love, and start a genuine lasting partnership with brands I'm into.

Like, SoulCycle for example. A brand I LOVE, and a partnership that makes actual sense. 

I'm struggling right now, actually with this because I made a commitment to a brand that I loved. But when I did more research on the product, and unfortunately, they animal parts, that I'm not cool with. 

But it's a struggle bloggers have, and as you become more conscious it gets more challenging to find brands that fully align with what's good (for you and the planet).

More updates on that later.

To the good-good. Apps I use:

  • UNUM: is my FAVORITE app for putting my Instagram together before I post. It allows you to add photos so you can see your 'squares' together. It's helped me to create a MUCH more cohesive Instagram. I love it - and it's free.
  • Followers App:This app allows you to see who has unfollowed you or who isn't following you back. I don't use it THAT often, but I do check once a week what's happening with my followers count.
  • Aviary: For photo editing, I use it to brighten up my pictures and increase the vibrance.
  • Evernote: Where I put all my ideas and all the craziness when I think about things I want to do!
  • Calendars Plus: A good calendar app to use - there are so many but this one is nice!
  • WhenToGram: Helps you analyze when to post that amazing gram of your back on top of the hike you did this weekend (hehe GUILTY)
  • Buffer: Buffer lets you schedule out your posts for across the board. This really helps if your swamped for time!
  • LaterGram: Let's you schedule out your Instagrams. So key for making sure to be consistent. Being consistent with my Instagram is definitely what got me into the thousands of followers, and now about 12k.
  • Hundred Blog: I mean DUH. I need to rep for my app! I definitely use it to browse hehe.

What's next:

Adding Emoticode to my snaps so that I can link products that way. This allows you to shop snaps via Shopstyle, and it's being used by some of the big bloggers like Gal Meets Glam and Fashion Lush.

More meeting with brands and other bloggers in person. This is really everything. It's the best way to meet people who have a common interest to you, and there's nothing better than meeting new friends. I've LOVED getting to know people in this community, it inspires me everyday.

Cleaning up my travel guides. I mean some of those have some whack photos in there! I want to make this page much more attractive. 

Getting a virtual assistant to help with things. If you know anyone that does social media and has VA experience - holler at ya girl!

More giveaways and things that I can do with readers. I LOVE doing giveaways, it's free product for you and I want to give you guys as much as the good stuff as much as possible.

Anything I missed? If ya have feedback I'm all ears!

Now your turn. What do you have going on blogging wise? I'd love to see and hear what you're doing as you evolve. I know we're all at different places in blogging, but it's always good to hear tips and tricks from each other!

I'd also LOVE if you shared your favorite apps. Any that I missed? 


Let me know, I love chatting with you!

Off to the week. Exciting news to share with you soon too! August will be a good one.