Loving your self first on Valentine's Day (featuring Aveeno)

Hola chicas!

How are you? How was the weekend? Keep me posted :)

You may have seen, but we've been moving and shaking lately! A bit of travel in Phoenix, and then this past weekend speaking at an event, and lots of recording for the podcast with really great guests. On Sunday I had a really relaxing day, and really didn't do much of anything besides a workout, lunch and recording. It felt SO GOOD.


Today I had the feeling of needing a reset from my daily routine. Where, what you're doing isn't bad, but you know that you need to take a bit of a step back to reset and relax.

Basically, it's a Sunday in a nutshell. 

One of the best parts of my Sunday yesterday was taking the end of the day, to finish some cleaning, and take a long hot BATH.

For the water, I use a bit of epsom salt, some essential oils, and if I have flowers that week at home I will actually throw them in the bath too just for affect, ha. For the past year or so I've been really into finding natural beauty routines or easy free methods that add some beauty and wellness into my life. I've written a lot about Ayurvedic practices and the ones that I have incorporated into my life that are free or basically free, like coconut oil pulling for oral hygiene, Tongue Scraping for sugar cravings, and meditation, for clarity and calm.

All natural methods that really help to set up my day and help me hit the reset button for a great morning. 


One part of my beauty routine, is a bit out there. So bear with me.

I have never actually said it out loud, and am not sure if it exactly 'works' but the belief in positivity and thoughts are things propels me each time I get out of the shower or bath, to continue in my weird process. 

Might as well get out with it.

So, in the shower, when washing my face (with my Aveeno Positively Radiant Scrub) I tell myself I'm beautiful.

Yes, I said it. Yes, it's corny and cliche. I KNOW. 


BUT, while scrubbing slowly with the really light, ultra calming, scrub I repeat lovely mantras to myself to make myself feel good and remind myself that I am attractive, or smart or enough. \

I like to use the Aveeno scrub because of the exfoliating aspect. It has really helped to reveal softer skin on my face which takes moisturizer better, leaves a better base for my make-up and gives me that glow. It does this by removing dead skin cells, polishing off any old makeup and sweat.

Which is super key. I've loved using this face wash for that reason. This is the type of face wash where you're like, dang that girl lights up the ROOM. HOW SHE SO GLOW-Y? So highly recommend adding this into your routine to give you a glow boost.  


Along with that for my face, after each shower, when I am putting lotion on I repeat to myself and tell my body positive affirmations. 

I've been putting on lotion since I was little. I grew up with eczema, so putting on lotion was part of my routine. I would have such dry skin it would bleed at night when I was little :( so it's been really important that I say as moisturized as possible.

Therefore having the lotion part of my routine hasn't changed, but definitely adding in the positive affirmations, has. 

It's easy - it's things like, you're perfect, you're strong, you're fit, you're able...things like that. 

You're routines, don't have to be mine, but it just has to be something you can tell yourself that really resonates with you.

It's pretty powerful stuff, and like most things, even if it's placebo affect, it's got to feel good to tell yourself nice things once a day. 


In addition to the facial scrub, I've always used Aveeno on my body - ever since the Jennifer Aniston days, I've noticed that it keeps my skin calm, moisturizes really well, and helps my skin to really stay bright. I use the positively Radiant Body Lotion, and it's been my go-to favorite for giving myself a rub down while reaffirming all the love that I have for a body that can take me through each and every day. 

So, my new weird routine is simple. It's using my favorite Aveeno Face Wash to keep me glow-y and to give my face a little love and compassion. 

Then when giving my body a rub down with Aveeno Positively Radiant Scrub I also reaffirm that I am enough. It helps me to stay balanced, healthy and radiant from the inside out. 


These two favorites, I always pick when I am shopping for the essentials from Rite Aid. My list is simple. It's toilet paper, paper towels, mascara...and my Aveeno lotions. It's nice to go to Rite Aid too because because: Aveeno Skin Care will be Buy 1, Get 1 50% off during the weeks of 2/18 and 2/25. During the week of 2/25 when you use your Rite Aid Wellness+ Card, for every $30 you spend, you will receive $10 in Bonus Cash towards your next visit. 

Free money is good money, right? 

Plus I am hosting a giveaway for $50 to Rite Aid - so you can get your self love affirmations on each time you shower, and get yourself some of the best Aveeno products like: 


In order to win the giveaway, I'll be asking on my Instagram your favorite way to show yourself love. Whether it's reading your favorite book, a good meal to yourself, or positive affirmations when you rub your lotion on or face wash, I am so excited to hear!

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Excited for this one! 

Have the best week! xo


This post was sponsored by Aveeno and Rite Aid but all opinions are my own.