Lookin' like a BOHO BABE (for under $125!)

Hello hello!

I am LOVING this outfit I have from Forever 21.

I KNOW it’s getting old but they are just really doing it for me lately. Plus I can get MORE outfits for whatever mood I’m in. Plus plus, I have other things to spend my money on, ya know?

 Boho babe is my ideal look nowadays. It's like Coachella for everyday in my house.

This entire outfit is under $125 dollars, so I had to share with you!

That includes the shoes, and the purse! Cute look, right? I die for these suede shorts, they are flattering, soft and look so expensive. The material feels super luxurious. Sort of Rag and Bone vibe. They have tiny zippers on the side pockets that give it a bit of an edge.

The shoes are a mesh/with holes on the side, and 2 ½ inch heel which is PERFECT for everyday. It gives you just a bit of a heel but nothing where I’m so tall I’m making people uncomfortable, HA. They have so much support and cover the foot, so I know I will be wearing these all the time.

Plus the laces up the middle – LOVE.

& this top may be my favorite thing I’ve bought in a long time.

It’s flowy, flattering, soft and sexy. I honestly could wear this on a date night, out, or during the day for brunching. I think there’s something so babe about a silky cream top, and since it’s long sleeves wearing it with shorts feels like a good balance for California weather. The cut is also super flattering, it hits right at the smallest part of the waist and has some give where I want it to. #moomoolife

The purse is, I’m sure a knock off of some brand, but I can’t right now put my finger on it. The black is super small and easy for anywhere, and for $20 dollars, it’s just worth it ya know?

I’m happy to be home this weekend, hopefully catching up on things, taking photos for posts and seeing friends. Not eating vietnamese food thankfully, hehe. What are you up to? Anything fun planned? Let me know!  

You da best, can't wait to read your thoughts!