Cheap Ass Juice Cleanse (and other good ones to try)

A few weeks ago I attempted a 5 day juice cleanse, and ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy. 

Key word there, attempted.

I made it 3 days y'all.

(Confused slow clap) 

Let me explainnnnnnn.

 Firstly, cleansing for me is really a practice for noticing my habits related to food than anything. How often at work I get bored and want to eat, how often I come home from work and want to eat my face off before doing anything else. 

Eating of course, is the energy that sustains us, but it’s much more so programmed in us as a social activity, a stimulant and something to release you from boredom, among other things. 

Honestly though, eating is fun, LOL. 

But I wanted to challenge myself and see what five days would do. I've done 3 days, lots of times, and thoroughly enjoy the whole process of cleansing.

I enjoy cleansing because:

  • You don't need to think about what to eat for 3 whole days. I know that seems dramatic but the energy that I take into deciding my meals is insane. I think I spend all of my time working out planning means to be honest, LOL. So to think, for 3 entire days, I know exactly where my next meal (drink?) will come from and I don’t need to go anywhere but the fridge to get it. Also the fact that that your juice comes at 2 hour intervals makes me really happy because you have something to look forward to (insane I know). I usually consume at 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM and 7 PM. 

  • You're providing your body a 'break' from eating normal food, which helps your immune system, digestion, energy name a few. Although you may feel tired, sluggish, it's really that 'switch' that's happening where you're riding yourself of toxins in your body, to nourish it with the clean energy from fruits and vegetables with the juices from your cleanse.

  • You f'ing GLOW. Not to brag, because it's just a damn fact, but your skin looks insane after 3 days cleansing, the nutrients you get from it, really just help with elasticity, color...everything. You feel good too, so there could be an overall glow coming from within as well.

Full list of benefits from cleansing can be found here. But in short:

"Juicing works for two simple scientific reasons. first, if you drink juice only, you leave out every mistake. you leave out everything except supremely clean plant-based nutrition. that's right- on a juice fast that utilizes a wide selection of produce you will get everything you need. protein, carbohydrates, fat, organic salts, vitamins, and minerals are all found in our juice. second, raw organic juice is alkalizing. it pulls endogenous acids (toxic material) directly from the cells and puts them back into the bloodstream where they can be picked up and expelled through normal waste function."


For most, the first question related to cleanses is in regards to weight loss. 

Which, I've never really paid attention to whether or not I've lost weight. You don't want to weigh yourself after a cleanse then weigh yourself like 5 days later and see that you've gained 5 pounds back. Yes, you definitely can lose weight from it and use it to kick start weight loss, because it helps to reset your metabolism, and your 'stomach' so when you start to eat solid foods again you feel satiated.

"One of the great values of a juice fast is that your choices are limited to juice. you will have a spiritual awakening about your overall lifestyle and especially your diet. once you get the weight down, you have an opportunity to work on emotions that were likely repressed due to food addiction and related behaviors."

Obvi, it's tight to lose 5 lbs, but it's more tight to feel really good about what you're doing for yourself. 

So I was feeling like doing a cleanse wanted to push myself and try a 5 day one. You never know until you know, right? 

So I bought the cheapest five day cleanse from Raw Juice Generation.

(Normally a 5 day cleanse can range from $375 dollars to $500+ dollars - which seems insane I know). 

First, they had a deal on Gilt City for 40% off, bringing the total down, and then sometimes Gilt does an additional 20% off City coupons randomly. 

But - if you go to the Raw Juice Generation website, they have popups that provide you with a discount code for a cleanse for 60% off your entire total. So for example, if you were to get one of the 5 day cleanses at $379 with 60% off, it's $151.60 for 5 days of 'eating', or 5 days of your food. Which comes to about $30 dollars a day, which is around the amount I spend daily on food. 

I know Raw Juice Generation does a lot with Groupon, so you can find those coupon codes through that link as well.

If you order your cleanse you really need to plan out a good week to do it. Basically, don't have shit going on. You can't go out to eat (you'll have to talk about your cleanse the whole time) and you can't workout normally or you'll be SO HANGRY. Try a chill week, possibly after a holiday when you feel disgusting, and plan to do yoga a few times, and get a good amount of rest at night. 

For me, that's the hardest part really. I truly love to workout, it's like my happy place, and to make myself just chill is really difficult. Dinners, I can reschedule, or sometimes if I'm cleansing I've gone and just freaked everyone out, didn't eat and just drank my juice.

DATS LIFE, and everyone live it differently. 

So my 5 days, I had my schedule cleared, told my co-workers that I would be bringing mad juices in, Justin got my massive ice cube box delivery from Raw Juice, and I threw half of the juices in the freezer, and half in the fridge to thaw.

Basically, I'm going to be real AF and say that I only lasted 3 days. I gave up on my third day of the cleanse and went back to real food and my life without damn cleansing. 

 LOL. I'm serious!

On my third day, I was coming into the weekend and it wasn't like I was crawling on my hands and knees into work searching for nourishment, but I was really wanting to workout, and be normal again? I was satisfied with how I felt on 3 days, and wanted to save my juices (frozen) for a week or so and just do two day cleanses with the remaining juices. Of course I was hungry, but I wanted to get food nourishment in my body too and 5 days just felt like (right now) a bit too much. 

So I did it. Did my 3 days, was happy, felt good, energy was actually really high this time (your body converts energy from juices to energy you can use SO efficiently and easily). I wanted to keep my additional juices for another day, and just be done with the whole process.

Would I try to do 5 days again? I think so. Maybe I would plan a little better and really focus to not workout/plan anything for 5 days - period.

But honestly I think I would just buy the 5 day cleanse, and spread out day cleanses over the course of a few weeks, so whenever you need a little reset - you can do it with the juices you have in the freezer. Even from the freezer, they taste amazing. Buying a cleanse this way - when it's frozen, in bulk, you have that ability to consume it later. Its still has it's nutritional value and is as good for your body.

When I'm in California, I'm going to explore the idea of cleansing on my own, and creating my own versions via the Vitamix I'm going to purchase. I plan to own a mattress, bike and Vitamix within the first 24 hours of arrival. SO CALI THO RITE?

So, there you have it, a cheap ass juice cleanse (that will last you if you want it to) via Raw Juice Generation for about $30 dollars a day.

So, a few of the cleanses I've done, and that are available to do include:

  • Joulebody - Joulebody for president. My absolute favorite, a little pricey but the drinks and homemade bars they have are delicious. Joulebody isn't just juice they provide you substance as well. It’s expensive, but if you’re a first time cleanser, do this one. First time cleansers can use the code 'TRYJB' for 15% off. 
  • Liquiteria - A solid one, but not my favorite. The juices didn't taste that good to me, honestly so I don't know if I would highly recommend. Definitely for a day cleanse though you can stomach it.
  • Juice Press  - My everything for juices on the regular. The clenases are expensive AF, but really good and you feel full. You can only order in NYC and surrounding areas for delivery.
  • Jus by Julie - A good one! I did this one a long time ago, you can order this wherever online. 

I would love to hear about your experiences cleansing? How'd you feel? Good, bad? Which ones to try? Or if you guys have any good ones you can make at home? Let me know! I'm v interested.
Also let me know if you survived a 5 day one, LOL.

Have a good week, my last two days living as an NYC resident begin nowwwwwwww.

Krista xx

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