BABEALICIOUS CHOKERS. A delicate and unique way to up your details game.

Hi friends! 

Welcome back from da weekend :) hoping your relaxed and the week flies by. 

Before we get into actual life today, can we discuss a little bit of accessories fashion? 

Anything to delay the day...!

 The last time I was wearing a choker, I had a stretchy choker that looked like a temporary tattoo around my neck for like 6 months. I never took it off.

Sun, wind, rain.

This shit stayed on.

I'm pretty sure my tight stretchy choker broke at a sleepover with my cousins at our lake house - LOL.

(We had matching chokers that we kept on for as long as possible OBVI). 

Chokers of 2016 are different than stretchy barbed wire styling. They may be the BABEST thing out there. Maybe it's the fact that they make the neck look super long, or that it draws attention to the neck, clavicle and chest. Whatever it is, it's just enough sexy.

Delicate and light, they're BADASS and I'm in loveeeee.

Need more convincing? 

Gigi...Kendall...and North WEST are wearing them.

(North West, is probably not wearing it by choice. But, whatever).

Harpers Baazar is talking about it, saying:

It's a trend that's been creeping back thanks to an overall '90s resurgence. The choker, of the velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather variety, has been seen on the necks of models-off-duty, everyday cool girls and, of course, North West as of late. See who's setting the trend and shop the necklaces—slip dress accompaniment optional.

It's truly a cool girl thing to do. 

Oh and P.S this will be EVERYWHERE at Coachella. I'm writing a Coachella post for later this week, so stay tuned!

I've got all the chokers you'll ever need this season, linked below and my favorite from Nasty Gal. WOOO!

(The best brands right now for them are Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters and Free People).

Shop Similar Looks:

Cute right? So chic!

What's your favorite way to wear the choker? They have such crazy ones now, with fringe, metal and fabric, studs....would love to know if I missed any!

Also how was the weekend? I kept it super low key and really just worked on da bloggy blog. I hope you had a good, one! 

Chat soon,