CHILLIN - HARD. For a faster metabolism, less cellulite, better recovery & super smooth skin

Greetings loves!

How are ya? A good weekend? Lindsey and I (of Almost 30) spoke at an event at Lululemon Malibu (Intention Setting and Magic Making) and it gave me LIFE. Connecting with likeminded babes, on topics about feeling good and self love with brands sponsoring that are also aligned to living a good life...nothing better.

But I wanted to tell you about something I've been doing for the past month or so. Beauty/wellness adventures all for the Hundred community.

Have you guys heard of Cryotherapy? 

Yes, yes you're right because you're probably thinking, it's where you're basically frozen? HA.

For real, you're in a little ice cube coffin, standing up, fully naked (but no one can see) and only your little head can peak over the counter to chat with your 'chill therapist' (not an official name just one I made up). I actually love the 3 minutes in the booth chatting with the employees at CryoZone (where I've been going) because they are so damn SWEET. Nicest people, ever. 

So, little run down. 

You come in, strip down, get in the chamber, push a button, your friend comes in and turns on the machine, you're in there for 3 minutes, get gold, freak out a little, and then you're done! Change and peace out and live your life!

Easy right?

Okay the science behind it and, ACTUALLY what it is from CryoZone in Santa Monica (they also have other locations, check them out here)

"Whole Body Cryotherapy is a holistic, cold therapy treatment that enables the body to recover naturally at the cellular level. Cryotherapy targets swelling, inflammation and pain by stimulating circulation and soothing the affected areas with a cold nitrogen blast. Cryotherapy also promotes collagen production in the skin and spikes your metabolic rate, which is a big part of why clients burn calories after each session."

Yes please burning calories and doing nothing. I'LL TAKE IT.

"Clients expose themselves to temperatures at around -200°F inside a Cryodsauna, which drops the surface temperature of the skin down to about 35°F. This triggers a fight or flight response in your body that protects your internal organs by pushing blood to the core and keeping the core's temperature in tact."

It's weird because after I've done it, I can feel the fresh blood going to my muscles and it feels like it's breaking up any tension or knots I have in places like my back.

"After exiting the Cryosauna, vasodilation occurs and your blood vessels expand as oxygenated blood recirculates back into your outer extremities. This creates favorable conditions for the healing of damaged tissue and flushing out lactic acid after a tough work out."

I usually do this right after a workout, actually. I think it's best when I've been sweating and moving and seriously prevents soreness. 

"Because of the extreme temperatures, this treatment stimulates functions of the autonomic nervous system such as your metabolic rate and immune system. We recommend that clients come 7-10 times in a month to experience the full range of benefits of the treatment."

DEF agree with that one. Coming regularly with Cryo is where I see the most benefit. When I was doing it for a month, about 4x a week, I felt like I could go as hard as I wanted with workouts and not feel a DAMN thing sore wise. I was also feeling tighter and lighter. 

So can I say something.

I actually went into this thinking that this wasn't going to work, HA. 

To be completely 100% honest with you. I wasn't sure this was going to work. For real.

I was like okay I'll try it, we'll see, this could just be crazy woo-woo L.A. stuff.

(Which it is, don't get me wrong).

But I honestly got it.

I felt more rested, more recovered, my muscles weren't sore, I felt tighter and I did notice that my skin looked more plump. I am aware this may sound annoying but I have a dimple on my right leg that comes and goes with how fit I am/my weight/water/etc. and it was completely gone, zip zero nothing. 

The month after I STOPPED doing regular Cryo, I could also TOTALLY tell a difference in my body. I was getting more sore, I was feeling less tight and my skin didn't look so damn GOOD. 

Believe me, I am as surprised as you that it works. But, celebrities and athletes are doing this on the regular to help them stay tight and with recovery.

Jessica Alba swears by this shit, because:

"This process kick-starts the body to begin its own healing process, and speeds up the removal of toxins. The extremely cold temperatures also enhance the natural production of collagen, leaving the skin looking brighter, more radiant, smoother, tighter, and with fewer wrinkles, as well as boost endorphins and adrenaline."

Oh yes and it's true.


  • Cellulite reduction

  • Boosted metabolism promoting weight loss

  • Skin conditions ameliorated — including psoriasis, blemishes and acne

  • Collagen production — skin toned evened, visible signs of aging reduced

  • Pain relief from joint disorders, rheumatoid diseases and fibromyalgia

  • Decreased muscle soreness, spasms and inflammation

  • Improved post-surgery recovery

  • Alleviation of depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, migraines and the effects of stress

  • Lowered incidence of colds and flu

  • Prevention of conditions like osteoporosis

  • Faster recovery from stress of competitive sports or training

  • Reduced inflammation, swelling and pain

  • Enhanced energy and endorphin release

  • Improved muscle and motor unit activation

  • Greater testosterone levels in men


I am keeping cryotherapy in my arsenal as non-needle, safe, affective treatments for life and athletic performance (if you're working on regularly you're an athlete!)

I'll be doing it once or twice a week, and I really look forward to my session, seeing the CryoZone team, and feeling so much better after. Oh did I tell you, it's also on ClassPass? Major right?

Have you guys tried it? What are your thoughts? Any questions, let me know! Also, a MAJOR thanks to my friends at CryZone in Santa Monica, I truly love hanging with you!