Game changer for your look and ya LIFE: Crystal Jewelry!

Hello hello! How was the weekend?

I did a major re-up on my life, saw people I loved, got creative, and just stayed grounded and in check.

Feels good you know? What did you do!? Would love to hear.

This weekend I got a super cute thin chain crystal necklace from Rebecca Minkoff for a friends bachelorette gift, and was thinking how f'ing amazing it is that it's cool to wear crystals now. Not too long ago, I was hiding my giant Gold Quartz under my sweaters like a creep. 

I wrote about it a while ago, and crystals are weird - BUT THEY WORK.

Period the end of story.

It’s physics. Energy is never created or destroyed and these little concentrations of energy that’s been stored over years – WORK.

Live science says,

Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease. Proponents of this technique believe that crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out.

So, yah. For me, it's been HUGE in my meditation game, my manifesting abilities and just overall protection from all things that go bump in the night, because I have a huge fear of ghosts.


I’ll do a post on crystals later and things like that, but for now...


A personal favorite. I hope you can tell my excitement via my writing. SHOULD I CAPS ALL?

I’ll spare you.

It's been written about in major magazines like VOGUE and Women's Wear Daily, but you can also see it on major babes in the street. A delicate gem hanging around their neck, representing their totally connectedness and total babeness at the same time. So chic!

So for this I partnered with bblackbox to get a personalized special gem jewelry, that I LOVE. It’s super adorable, and easy to wear with anything. Plus, I know there’s a true human that made it. A person that gives a shit about their customer. Cool right?

So I have a discount code for you to use here for this, to get any cool things from bblackbox. Like their candles which I burn ALL DAY at my desk to really spice up and bring joy to my apartment when random smells enter from Justin’s cooking weird meats.

I also wanted to link up some super amazingly gorgeous gem jewelry, that is QUALITY and will last you almost forever.

The one I am wearing is SUPER simple. Just one piece of turquoise on a thin band, that's short enough where it's almost like a choker.

I like the it for an easy outfit, not too stuffy or try hard. 

Shop this look:


bblackbox Arizona Turquoise Necklace

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Forever Bomber Jacket (sold out) but similar styles here (as a button down) and here (bomber in a different but dope print) 

Forever 21 Matte Cat Eye Sunglasses

Dior 'Addict' Lip Maximizer

Tarte BB Cream in Medium

Shop similar looks:

The major benefit of the gem trend is that, you’re getting a super gorgeous piece of jewelry, and then also getting the positive vibes that come with them. You may notice things slowly start to go your way, or you’re just a BIT happier than normal.

Oh and by the way. When I wasMorocco, I was on a mission to find crystals (because they are known to have super nice and rare ones) and without knowing I bought 3 fake crystals from someone on the street! 

They were rocks that were dyed with food coloring. It was so sweet to see the color bleed in the sink when I tried to wash them. I’m like, amazing LOL. 


Any questions on crystals or how they work? bblackbox is a cool concept right? I’m into the idea of knowing the source from which I buy from jewelry – so this really rocks.

Plus their customer service in the company – is incredible.

So happy you’re reading and here on my blog! Thank YOU.

Have the best week and keep me posted on your thoughts. I read them all!