My crystal game on point!

We all have our 'things' that we're passionate about. Things that we want to explore further, to deepen or knowledge of, go a little bit deeper in. Things to share.

I'm pretty sure that one of those 'things' for me, is crystals. 

(pause) LOL

I know, I know. Crazy, witch voodoo psychic, moon, energy stuff! Like, the faces I get when people come to my apartment and see my 'rock collection'. My co-workers ask me to hold my 'rock' whenever they're stressed. LOL. 

But here's the thing.

Crystals are weird, but they work.

The history of crystals and gemstone healing is as old as time. Egyptians, and in ancient Egypt they used them to alleviate themselves of pain and sickness. 

Scientifically, we know crystals to be a collection of atoms or  molecules held closely together. They've withstood time, and have been around longer than any human on this planet. 

How I tend to see them though, because we all know that our bodies are Energy. as well as Matter, is to see them as powerful, ancient energy amplifiers or adjusters. It's the belief that every single person, place or thing, or crystal has a powerful energy that we can use to heal, amplify, manifest, clear, create, nurture...

Crystals can be used to address any spiritual, emotional, or even physical concern you have. For every energy or every goal, every dream you want to manifest - there's a crystal for it. 

I was recommended to 'try' crystals by a friend, whose probably a level above me in spirituality and spiritual awareness. Bitch is so with it!  I had been around crystals at points in my life, but never owned or explored them.

Until about 6 months ago, when I bought my Gold Quartz necklace, and began wearing it daily with an old chain I had. I've seen and amazingly cool things happen when I use my crystals in meditation. I've had things fall immediately into place, I've gotten checks in the mail, felt an instant lift in energy...that sort of thing. 

It's been one of the cooler things in life that's brought me closer to myself spiritually, and the universe as a whole.

I'm going to write more about them, where to buy, cleaning them, how to use them, but wanted to share some of my favorites and what they're all about, so you can start using! 

Amethyst: One of the most popular, they say it's a beginner stone because it's soothing, protective, grounding and is a remarkable stone of spirituality and contentment. A good stone to keep by your bed to protect and provide good dreams. 

Citrine: Stone of success. This stone is such rad! This provides success and prosperity to anyone that wears or keeps it. It brings energy for you to manifest your dreams. 

Clear Quartz: The most abundant of the crystals in the world, and an intense amplifier. This crystal provides energy to anyone who is using or around it. Like it's name, 'clear' it can provide clarity of thought. I use it for intention setting!

Rose Quartz: The love crystal. This one is to bring your soul-mate, your life's passion or more deeply love yourself. It's super powerful and really good for helping to amplify that loving energy.

These are just a few of the legit crystal village I have in my apartment (emoji crying laughing face). It's crazy! 

Um also. Want to know where I've gotten a lot of my crystals? Freakin' AMAZON.COM. I'm serious and they're so legit. Also in NYC: Stick, Stone and Bone in the West Village is amazing (no website :( but they're at 111 Christopher Street). They're knowledgeable and helpful. When I go to Morocco I'm going on a hunt for crystals there like a good little witch hehe.

I'd love to know if you have any questions or experiences with them! I'm so down to answer questions too. I'll keep posting on this though since there's  much to discuss!

xx Krista