GIVEAWAY ALERT! ICY BLONDES REJOICE + my current haircare routine with Dessange

Hi babes! 

HAPPY MONDAY! I know, who says that right?

Well I am excited to brighten the day with an easy amazing giveaway for you of a new product I've been loving.

I haven't written about beauty and new things in my routine in a while so I am oh so excited to chat with you about an update I have on the hair front.

(As a note I've also written about a vitamin I take called viviscal here, my hair secrets here and did a little hair tutorial here.)

My hair is like, my thing.

The uglier I feel, the longer I want my hair to be.

This weekend at the wedding I was at, I was walking down the aisle (I was a bridesmaid) Justin was like "you had the biggest lions mane of all the maids" - LOL. This was when I told him to tell me I was pretty (because I was NOT feeling so hot in my dress, ya know?)

But with hair, it's important to know too I'm also a real big shampoo snob.

LIke, it has to be nice and it needs to be expensive for me to use it, because I'm washing my hair about once a week or every two weeks. Seriously. It's a game changer.

My biggest problem honestly lies in the fading of my color. In LA you are in the sun so much that my blonde turns brassy in weeks. It becomes a bronde color that I'm not into and it BUMS ME OUT. 

I think anywhere, actually, keeping the color of your hair the same day you leave the salon is so KEY. But when you're blonde the blonde changes color daily. The water could make it fade, the salt from the much!

So I was so excited to try Dessange Paris, and see about the California Blonde product line. I mean, hi? That's me right?

So my thoughts y'all! Honest and true, like me :)

For real.

I need to talk to you about the Color Correcting Cream. I am going to sound dramatic, but I don't know where this has been all my life. My color gets brassy, in less than two weeks after coloring it and keeping my blonde ashy and cool - is a CHALLENGE. I'm not gisele in 100 ways but also that I can't pull off that brass. This cc cream takes ANY Brass out of your blonde and brings you back to the sexy cool color that's light and more white than orange/gold.

I now use this regularly, once a week to reset my color and fresh it up. It keeps me going to the hair dresser so much and freaking out about my dull locks. 


The shampoo and condiitoner have been really nice to help prolong my color and keep me blonder, longer. I am a huge fan of the consistency of the shampoo, and the conditoner I mix with my other conditioner, because my hair is MEGA dry. If your hair is normal, it's a perfect moisture for you. I just mix it with Oribe Gold Lust or Bumble & Bumble Super Rich, to give my hair that extra something.

For the illuminating gold serum, for real such a good additon to after shower, pre-comb through your hair. it's major for keeping the UV rays from penetrating your locks and ensuring less breakage.

As a non-grocery story user of hair products, I am so into IT.

This whole set, is SO affordable, at Target and really worth the price to extend your color and maintain your blonde.

Did I say it's at Target? I think they should have a bar in target, but I'm just SAYING. #favoritestoreever

I am so glad that there's a new thing to keep my color, something that's affordable and basically salon quality at a serious low price (everything is under $10 - what?!)

But most importantly I want to share the new product with you! I'm doing a giveaway to my readers for a full set of Dessange Products from any of their 5 collections! LOVE THIS.

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