Fuel up like a fitness instructor (what they REALLY eat in a day)

Helloooooo babe!

After the 4th weekend, eating MASS amounts, drinking, whatever...detox is needed. Not even in the extreme way, just a balance back to normal life and normal eating is necessary. 

Diet starts.....TOMORROW. Per usual. #girls

I am always interested in what people eat on a daily basis. I want to know good secrets, hear new ideas....or, in this case find out how one gets a fitness model body.

What do they REALLY eat? 

Like me, do they crush jars of peanut butter on the daily? What's the secret? Is it consistency or what?

I asked my friend Lindsey Simcik, SoulCycle instructor and fitness model (she works with Carbon38 on the regular) what does she REALLY eat in a day?

(BTW if you missed it I interviewed her before!) 

Thanks to Lindsey Simcik for the insight! You inspire me yo!

The 'Eat like a fitness model' diet 

via Lindsey Simcik

Wake up:

In hopes that my first real movement of the day will be that of my bowels, I drink a glass of warm water with lemon. 

I try to wake up two hours before a workout or before teaching a morning class to give myself time to eat at a normal speed and digest.  

My go-to breakfast is a vanilla Siggy's yogurt mixed with blueberries (any berries in season get me excited), a dollop of Nuttzo nut butter (12 different nuts!), and a handful of Earth Bar's Paleo granola, which they make fresh in house (I DIE..thank you Krista for the intro).

I love BulletProof Coffee, so if I have time to make my own, I will (thank you, Vitamix) or I'll go to the local BulletProof Cafe.  

Snack post workout:

Green veggie juice with a little apple or pineapple to sweeten it up a tiny bit...and three hard boiled eggs with pepper and a pinch of truffle salt....

Truffle salt--best purchase of my life.


I love to create these layered bowls with what I have in my fridge.  

My go-to is sautéed spinach (light evoo and garlic powder), next layered is a casually mashed boiled purple sweet potato, then top the sweet potato with a mashed avocado, add some chicken or tofu or whatever you want, and then top with your favorite spread, hummus, or salsa!  

The colors are gorgeous, it's delicious, and will give you serious energy for the second half of your day. Plus, it covers most of your food groups!

Afternoon snack before another workout or evening classes: Almond Latté and an RX bar..or I'll grab an apple and a handful of Mary's Gone Crackers "Superseed Everything Cracker"......dip em"' in ANYTHING.


Greens and proteins, man.  

I love a salad that is large and in charge.  

I want the fiber content to blow me alway, literally.  Ok thats gross, but I want hoards of greens like kale, spinach, and arugula...roasted red pepper, chickpeas, avocado, corn, hearts of palm, yellow beets, sweet potato...dude, whatever I can fit in this thing.  

As for protein, I gravitate towards organic, free range chicken, wild salmon, or shrimp.  

But there will be days when I don't have meat.  

So I just kind of listen to my body and what it needs. I'd say I'm a vegetarian 4/7 days a week!

As for dressing, I love a simple evoo and fresh lemon juice combo, with tons of crushed pepper and maybe a little garlic powder.  


I love dessert so much.  I will never give it up! 

I've found a few dairy free ice creams that I am obsessed with: Steve's coconut ice cream (Burnt Vanilla is my fav) and Almond Dream ice cream makes a bomb cookies and cream!

I also love to freeze grapes and nibble on them after dinner for a little sweet kick.

I don't have dessert every night, but if I want it I have it..I just try to stick to the serving size!

Before bed I love to drink tea. Any decaf tea is great, but I love Yogi Tea for digestion or for relaxation.

The ritual of making tea makes me feel complete before bed :)

Eat the part, now dress the part: How to dress like a fitness instructor

Cool right?

I think with this, it's really just the CONSISTENCY of eating well.

Having your meals, having your greens, having a balanced diet that you don't feel deprived with.

So each day you're doing lots of whole, real food. Indulging a little and feeling like you're fueling your body in the best pay possible. 

Love this! The clothes are dope too right? Fitness clothes as normal clothes - FOREVER.

What's your daily diet like? How is your eating? I tried to do the 6 small meals a day but now really try to stick to 3, with intermittent fasting a few days a week! 

Let me KNOW. Sharing is caring! hehe