Not your grandma's EMBROIDERY. The BEST embroidery styles to shop!

Hello gorgeous people!

What's up what's up? Anything happening? How was the weekend?

I was in Palm Springs for an event and it was SO FUN. I am really tired, and ready to like chill, but exploring Palm Springs is becoming one of my favorite things. I'll write a guide and talk about what we did later this week. 

So, a post with some pictures I am really into! Love the turquoise background, just glad with how these turned out.

Plus, if you would have told me that I would be writing about embroidery…

I mean, that’s trends though, right? AND I LOVE IT.

The super detailed, color pop trend of embroidery is so in right now and it’s just such a feminine, pretty flair to add to clothes. I LOVE IT. You can really wear this anywhere and look really cool, but also covered up and girly.

Plus it's not like your grandma's embroidery of stitching holiday related patterns on your crew neck sweaters. 


Plus, if you’re doing a music festival soon, this is the perfect look. Period. 

Of all the trends I've loved this Spring, I am confident this is my favorite! 

Shop the look:

This embroidered jacket is actually last year Forever 21 and wasn't in fashion then (cool) but is now. I love bombers, anything black and paired this with Paige Jeans, Forever 21 sunglasses, Forever 21 black crop top and fringe booties. Edgy NYC, but still cute. Chloe, Valentino, Balenciaga...all of these brands have the embroidered bombers out. I won't link those, because I assume if you want that you're not reading my blog. Hehe.

(Floral embroidered bomber is sold out from Forever 21. You know how that goes). 

Shop similar styles of that jacket below:

From Zara

From Aso's (cropped jacket)

From Aso's (black floral detail)

Other details of this look:

Black Crop Top

Paige Black Ripped Knee Jeans

Matte Cat Eye Spitfire Sunglasses

Fringe Heeled Boots (sold out) but similar here

Shop similar DOPE and BEAUTIFUL looks:

All of these linked below. Are STUNNING. PERIOD. I love my jacket, but a few of these things are on the way to my house an I couldn't be more excited. Check out my favorites below, as I searched the internet high and low so you didn't need to look for the best. 

So you guys, I seriously can't even with some of those DRESSES ABOVE.

Like, flow-y, comfortable, beautiful and you wear dress them all up or dress them down. You can wear these to brunches, date night, out during the day. They're super versatile.

I love that, I can be cozy, on trend and cute at the same time.

What do you think? Which do you love?

Any favorite trends from spring? Can't wait to hear! 

You da best! Have a great week.