How to get super soft, young, bright, clear skin through exfoliation

We're talking easy cheap ways to stay soft and sexy y'all.

Today, I've got another easy thing that you can do that helps you feel and look your best. 


I will say that is one thing I'll say, I lotion and lather the F up at all times. Justin calls it 'slime' but after my shower, I seriously have so much lotion on my body it's visible for hours after.

I think because when I was little I had eczema and my skin was so dry I'd like bleed, I just really go into moisturizing. That's gross right? K. LOL.

For real though, exfoliating helps you stay youthful, feel better, and our skin is our largest organ. It's important to love it! 

A major key (DJ Khaled reference) to staying soft and supple is exfoliating.

Getting rid of all the dead skin, or dead whatever that lingers on your body. 

I feel like I've been exfoliating regularly lately and it's really just helped to clear my skin, and weirdly, to improve circulation on my body. Especially after a long day and workout, it's nice to just scrub and move everything around. I think too, that this sort of massage helps to reduce cellulite. 

If you use your exfoliant with a dry brush (MAJOR KEY) this is a added bonus and helps to improve circulation, and decrease cellulite.

Shape Magazine says,

Gentle dry brushing will slough off dead, dry skin, improving its appearance and allowing it to hydrate more efficiently when moisturizer is applied afterward.

As for detoxifying, dry brushing is similar to massage. The light pressure against your skin and the direction in which you brush helps move lymph fluid into the lymph nodes so this waste can then be eliminated. 

Your body naturally does this, but dry brushing speeds up the process and at the same time boosts circulation, delivering oxygenated blood to the skin and other organs, which helps them do their jobs better.

Benefits of exfoliating:

  • Removes dead skin cells from skin, which helps keep pores from clogging

  • Leaves the skin feeling SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN!

  • Reduces acne and blackheads through the cleaning of your pores (ew dude LOL)

  • Makes pores appear smaller

  • Speeds up the skin renewal process allowing smoother, healthier skin cells to take their place

  • Helps with fine lines and wrinkles

  • Helps with discoloration of skin

Also one of the major keys is that by exfoliating helps you to clear off dead skin for a better fake tan.

FOR REAL. By having soft smooth skin you provide a great base for the self tanner to absorb and look natural, not streaky or stripe-y. 

Been there, HA.


My favorite self-tanners:

Best body scrubs:

I really LOVE LOVE the Laura Mercier body scrub because it smells INSANE.

It's the only thing Justin has commented about smelling good on me, ever.

So it's worth it, and I'll mix it with my cheaper Trader Joe's Body Scrub or Homemade Body Scrub sometimes to make it last.

Pictured I am using Raw Sugar Living Body Scrub which is really great, organic products and super affordable. Love this brand!

Recipe for a homemade body scrub via wellness mama:

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup almond oil

1/2 tsp Vitamin E oil 

1 tsp real vanilla extract

Mix it all together, and keep in a container in the shower! Use 1/2 cup when you want to scrub. This one will be a brown sugar almond scent, and if you want to a different scent, use a different type of extract of essential oil! 

Do you guys make your own scrubs or exfoliate regularly? I think I needed the reminder, that it's so easy and cheap and you look and feel so much better!

There's also this really good DIY recipe via Elle Magazine that has Coffee in it that I love too!

Keep me posted - what are your favorites?! 

Chat soon,