FISHNETS + transforming from low vibe to high vibe (tantric)

The last time I wore fishnets before this year, was Halloween.

YUP - Slutty Halloween costumes from back in the DAY required fishnets.

For some reason they've gotten a bad rap, but I am SO GLAD they are back. SO glad. It's very Rhianna, very street, and subtle sexy.

I love them under a miniskirt, or under your ripped jeans just a little peak-a-boo moment with a sexy detail.

All about a good detail. 

So, I had to share my favorite new thing, accessory, fishnets with ya. 

Along with my new favorite WORD right now.

I think for each month or year, you need a word to represent it.

Last year, for me, was 'golden'. 

YUP. It may not mean something to you, but it means something to me - when I hear it, I think about being a bright-ass shining light for all to see. 

So, this year I didn't have my word until the Almost 30 Podcast episode with Jenna Zoe (The Human Design Reader). Firstly, she BLEW MY MIND. Human Design Reading is new, and basically tells you information about yourself so you're better able operate in the world.

(That's the serious cliffs notes version).

But, she said I have a very tantric quality.


Tantric as in, I can change situations from low vibration to high vibration.



So, going into EVERY situation thinking about shifting the energy so it feels better for everyone. It's better conversation, better outcome, more purpose...


Jeans to wear with fishnets:

Skirts to wear with fishnets:

Also just a little side note, I feel like I haven't been sharing as much deep stuff with you lately, but that's just because I've been traveling a lot the past month. Will be back to more inspiration, etc. soon.

You da best,