On health, and the food industry (from the 'Food Babe')

This podcast was ON POINT. It speaks to me.

As a preface, I truly think that people want to eat well as much as they can. I mean yeah people do enjoy eating crap food when it'a a delicious donut, but I think that if people were given access to tasty, nutritious, affordable food, the majority of the time people would choose to eat it over anything else. 

I've been into eating well, for a while now, I think really since I became vegetarian in like 2008. I just feel you're just a happier person when you eat well, period! I'm for sure not perfect though. 

So another thing. I consistently listen to podcasts. Almost every time I'm on the subway, it's like such a good way for me to stay informed, stimulated, and to learn on a daily basis. It also allows me to say cool facts during conversations with people that make me look smart hehe. I think people do this a lot in NYC with all the time we have on the Subway, etc. 

This week on 'The School of Greatness'  (one of my favorites) was Vani Hari aka the food babe. Her story: she was in the consulting business, wanted to get healthy and found that a lot of corporations and organizations were being shady about shit they're feeding us. Through her research she found some crazy information, that inspired her to start a blog which led to a legit movement. 

I LOVE when people go against the grain and like, really stick with what they believe in to make a change no matter how difficult or out of the norm it may be. Go girl. 

In this podcast she uncovers things like with alcohol, why isn't there an ingredient list like with everything else? Also why in European McDonald's do they have 4 ingredients in their fries, and in the United States, there's 16.

(There's actually a list of differences between the way the food industry treats each country. Look at the full list here). Also just what the fuck do all of these ingredients even mean? It's hard to even pronounce these words.

The food babe has uncovered stuff from companies like: Kraft, Kellogg's, Starbucks, Monsanto and McDonald's. She's actually changed their ingredient lists through her petitions. 

She's helped to remove the 'yoga mat ingredient' in subway sandwich bread (I'm serious). She's helped bring awareness in the efforts to make Chic-fil-A go antibiotic free, and was successful in her quest to get Chipotle (my everything) to post their ingredients publicly. 

Like she says, "we should be able to eat food without it harming us". 

This awesome podcast totally inspires me to be more thoughtful and thorough with my own eating, and to follow her movement. 

If you like you can also buy her book, and read all the rad stuff on her blog too.

Enjoy this and let me know what you think mah people! xx