Forever 21 is on point and I want y'all to know it.

Rock Forever 21 but just turned THIRTAY (or 26, 27...whatevs)

Honestly, Forever 21 is on point. 

It could be because they rip off so many other brands, or because they're constantly coming out with more shit, that some of it is bound to be good, but I seriously fuck with Forever. 

Whenever someone asks me where my gear is from, 99% of the time I'm going to tell you it's from Forever 21. It's hard to go into their store, I know, it's like an anxiety attack and a half, but seriously shopping online there is the best thing ever.

My full Morocco outfit, for the first night in Marrakech. Shoes, dress and all, Forever 21. 

Especially when I'm traveling, and I don't really know what activities I'm doing, the weather, or how much I'll forget in my hotel room, I legit bring Forever 21 so that I'm not worried about ruining or losing what I brought.

Lately I've been all about buying more trendy items, rather than a few expensive things, because I feel like all my stuff just gets ruined or worn in the city and in my life. I'm so messy and I like to dress for the occasion., With Forever, I don't worry about if something goes out of style or gets ruined when I get guac all of my shirt. 

You can also try really unique styles, like stuff I would be scared to spend a significant amount of money on, like this shoulder necklace. So rad right? It's only $15 dollars so like if I look ridiculous it doesn't really matter. 

Again, I totally understand that physically going into a Forever 21 store, can make you break out in a rash, but hear me out. Key things when shopping:

  • Third time, SHOP ONLINE. They update the website weekly with new stuff, and the Contemporary Forever 21 selection is so much better than in a store. Although in store you can actually feel the fabric, and touch it, and make sure it's not made of like velcro or that seat belts. 
  • Buy basics at Forever. I know that nice basics are nice to have, I own like two really 'nice' t-shirts but in actuality I don't want to spend $75 dollars on a white tank. In my experience they last as long as a t-shirt should last, which is a season or two.
  • Air dry your clothes. So key is this point. Although in the ideal world they'd say to dry clean your Forever 21 clothes, because they're so poorly made that they rip apart after a few washes, I've found that delicate wash and then air drying my clothes makes them last as long as normal clothes.
  • Read reviews, and read what materials you're buying. Obviously with the reviews thing, but I've found some to be really helpful especially understanding if the material looks cheap in person.
    • Don't have an obvious detail hem visible. This is when somethings woven so quickly that the color of the hem doesn't match the rest of the garment and looks cheap AF.
    • Don't buy patterns or dark colors in cotton (it will fade).
    • Please don't do a Forever 21 version of Herve Leger
    • Make sure any skirt you buy is lined
    • Definitely see Love 21 - Forever 21 spends more money producing their love items and they are only a bit more expensive than their regular clothes. 
  • No nose ring feathers or fedoras, but we know that duh! hehe

Okay, so my shopping cart currently: 

all via, Forever 21

Pleaseeee let me know if you know of somewhere like Forever to get good cheap stuff for a girl. Or if you have some rad finds. 

Happy Wednesday ya'll