Hi hi hi hi hi hi hiiiiii!

How are you? How was the weekend?

How long did last week feel? I felt like it flew, but dragged at the same time. I think I'm anxious for the holidays to come. But also I've been feeling uninspired.

Anyone else? 

On Thursday night I recorded The Almost 30 Podcast, and during the episode, we talked about creativity.

Episode to come! (If you haven't, make sure to download on iTunes!) 

Like I said, I've been feeling SO uninspired lately. I haven't posted an Instagram for a few days, when I normally post daily.

I'm in one of those moods where I wonder what am I doing?

Why am I doing it?

Who am I even talking to?

What am I creating?

WHY am I creating it? 

It's hard to really say what creativity is, and I think it means something different for everyone.

For me, it's an excitement or joy I find in creating the art I want to see in the world. 


But, I know EXACTLY why my creative juices aren't flowing. The number one creative mojo killer.



Can anyone stay creative living in routine? 

Seriously. I've been in a routine for the past month where I seriously DO NOT PLAY. Up at 5, meditate, workout, work, blog, podcast, maybe workout again, maybe friends or an event. Much more structured than I've ever been, sticking very strictly to a time schedule.

I'm nuts really. I schedule out each hour of the day. If I find myself with an extra 15 minutes, I'll fill it with something like answering emails or responding to comments etc. 

Without room for flexibility and play, it's hard for me to find the energy to create.

It's also hard to create when I'm not traveling as much as I've done in the past. 

Travel is just a drug for creativity. SO MUCH to inspire you. 


Why do we care about creativity though? 

As a blogger, it's our job to be creative.

We create ALL DAY. 

Even writing a caption for an Instagram is a creative feat. 

And sometimes SUCH a bitch. Right? 


So in my lackluster non creative slump, I had a deep conversation with my friends Danika and Lindsey about how to get your creativity back.

Getting our creative groove back, yah? 

Sound good babes? Let's do this!


get your creative groove back

Step away from it

Seriously, take a freakin' break. If you're working through a block or challenge, it's best to just step away from it. Let it breathe, and give yourself time and space to think about other things and come back with a fresh perspective. You need to trust the ebbs and flows of your creativity, and when it's go time - put in the work. But when it's time to step back - do it.

Mix up your routine

This is MAJOR. Finding ways in your everyday to do something different, will change the game for you. It doesn't have to be a big trip (although those help SO MUCH) but even going a different way to work, calling a friend, packing something different for lunch, taking a walk, scheduling a dinner at a new restaurant....endless ways to mix it up. But in change, and in this you will find inspiration and joy. Right now, I really need to mix up my routine, and plan to do so by trying new places to eat in my area, meeting with new friends :) and even something as silly as listening to new podcasts. Keep it 1600 and The Chive. 

Sweat it out

When I am working out, I get the best ideas, I swear. I think of all the things I want to write, to do, and basically anything BUT working out. You gotta get through it ya know? Releasing endorphins, sweating it out and increasing blood flow does wonders for clearing your mind.

Talk to someone new

I found that, what inspires me most is a real human connection. Deep, meaningful conversations about real shit, feed my soul. Especially if I attend a function that maybe I didn't want to attend, I find myself invigorated learning about people. 

Change the physical

Take a hot shower, go outside, do some jumping changing your physical body you inherently change your mind. Tony Robbins uses this by doing ice baths, and using a trampoline before he goes on stage. This really helps to clear my mind and get me back to the present.


BTW: In this post I am wearing my new favorite office outfit.

Cozy comfy pants, super cute and fit just right  - that I can wear sitting at my desk at work and not feel stuffy.

Ya know when you're sitting all day in uncomfortable pants like - KILL ME?

These are soft, flow-y and I like that the waist goes right at the belly button. Plus they are super cheap. 

Also, the top IS SO FLATTERING. I would normally at work wear it with tank top, but the drape in the front is SO NICE. I love the tie, and I love that because it's black I can wear it with basically any bottom. INTO IT.

Shoes are a favorite, appropriate for my LA babies, and for summer (I KNOW) but super comfortable and affordable from my favorite, ASOS.

Okay so that's the outfit, and tips on creativity and staying inspired. Did I miss anything? How do you guys stay inspired? Let me know I'd seriously love to hear it!

Have the best week!