Weekly Inspiration. 'Go First'.

So this quote yesterday like, blew my freakin’ mind, which rarely happens because I love quotes so much. It’s kind of embarrassing.

(I mean how else can you get into the minds of some of the greatest people ever? But through their wisdom nuggets we’ve been blessed with as their quotes? hehe)

I was listening to a Tim Ferriss Podcast last week with Laird Hamilton, Brian Mackenzie and Gabrielle Reece. Laird Hamilton is widely considered the greatest big wave surfer of all-time, and Brian Mackenzie, is the founder of CrossFit Endurance and author.

Our girl Gabrielle Reece has been named one of the “20 Most Influential Women In Sports” and is best known for her success in volleyball. Elle magazine once called Reece “one of the five most beautiful women in the world,” and Rolling Stone placed her on their “Wonder Women” list. She's a mega babe. 

The whole thing was brilliant. They spoke on how to cultivate thriving relationships, their most gifted books, parenting... good shit. 

There were a lot of points related to training, and taking care of your body as a whole that I really felt like I related to. Laird said, ‘whatever you do that you like the least, you should do more of.’ People that love to run, run a lot, get good at it, and then it's a vicious cycle where you aren't truly getting better. Except at running. For me, it's Pilates, my core feels weak to me, so I dislike doing it, and avoid it at all costs, knowing that I need it most because I feel as though I have a weak core. 

You get the picture right?

But one of the things, Gabrielle said, I was like jaw drop.

A life mantra, to ‘go first.’

My first reaction.

Um I thought you were always supposed to let other people go first, be polite, etc.

But no, it’s like, when you’re walking down the street, being the person that first makes eye contact and smile to a stranger. Be the first person, in the elevator to make small talk with someone, even if it’s pointless, to just share some positive energy in your day. Or, be the first one to say hello to someone to introduce yourself.

In most situations at work, in the hallway, elevator, the line to get your salad at lunch, people avoid this shit at all cost. Insert face in phone.


To give eye contact and smile at everyone can be super freaking exhausting on the real. Who knows what sort of response you’ll get, and for chicks it’s like an open invitation for a dude to say hi to you. *gasp*

But does it have to be energy draining and not energy giving?  With that same thought process, if we think that it can drain you of your energy, a positive interaction with a stranger can give you energy too. 

I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve had truly lovely conversations with random people about nothing. Ones that really make you feel good about humanity. I go in waves, honestly. Some days, I’m fuckin’ like yeah world, let me smile at you and make eye contact and make conversation and introduce myself, and some days I’m like yeah no, bye. I’m going to my room!!!!!

‘Go first’ for me is about having the awareness of the effect of your energy on others, in both a negative and a positive way. With that awareness, you shoulder the responsibility to ‘go first’, because others may not know how each little interaction can create more and more positive energy. It’s also related to the creation of positive energy, and the contagion of a smile or even an acknowledgement and a nod.

It’s a belief that everyone is kind, and if you give them the opportunity, they will rise to it, and be kind and open as well.

I wanted to put this concept into practice this weekend. Being rested, having a bit more time and being that it was, the weekend I was thinking people would be a bit more open to it.

I was actually blown away by the positive response, and how FUN it was to actually engage with more people.

Two examples:

  • I started chatting to this woman off the subway on the way back home Saturday night (creepy like) and found out she works at Stuart Weitzman, gave me a discount card, and good suggestions about living places in L.A., where she just happened to be from. We had a legitimate 20 minute conversation, we’re grabbing coffee next weekend…the girl is cool!


  • Sunday, at brunch, I was chatting up the host at Butchers Daughter, asking how his day was, when I’d normally put my name in and just peace out. We got sat earlier than other people (I noticed there were other names ahead of ours) and when we got sat, I started talking about how my phone was obviously dying, per usual. A few minutes later, he arrived with a charger, and wanted to share it with me to use. Something I don’t think he would have done had I not made the original effort to speak to him.


'Go'ing first, when I’d normally not, and providing me (and hopefully others) with a true benefit.

I mean people aren’t so freakin’ bad when you really think about it. We’re all dealing with our own things, but when given the opportunity, we’re all good inherently good and by ‘going first’ you’re not only sharing positive energy with others but getting it back, sometimes at an even greater amount.

 I’m go-ing hard on go-ing first all week (dad joke whaddup). Except early workout classes, and at the gym, because you don’t want weirdos talking to you LOL. 

This week is like full on seeing people/moving shit/packing before the move on Wednesday. We may have found a place in Santa Monica! #raisedaroof but I will let you know!

A few people have asked me to do the South Africa and Morocco guide and I want to get those up soon. I just need to watch this video of Riley Curry doing the 'nae nae' a few hundred more times first. 

Have a good week.

Krista x

The photos here from the Fall Classic Nike Men's Fashion Week event I went to this weekend, as well as the after party at Dune Studios. V Rad.