Most popular girl at the dinner table (new to the vegan club)

I don't know why but vegans get such a bad freaking rap. People feel its pretentious or annoying and that vegans always have to talk about being vegan. 


This bitch has gone VEG(AN). 

& I'm having crazy vegan thoughts like I want to participate in vegan events and festivals. I'm weirdly wanting to be a part of the vegan community and someone should stop me. The Woodstock Fruit Festival, anyone?  We can do so many ACTIVITIES!

Poor Justin has been listening to my pro plant based podcast recaps while he's like grilling 14 chicken patties at once. LOL. 

But whyyyy, do you ask. 

Well first, my lil disclaimer hehe.

I'm not here to convince anyone to do anything. I know that people are attached to their eating habits, and different diets work for different people. Like, when I was in Denver last weekend, my friend Taylor ordered her second flight of bacon, and another friend Mike commented how 'chill I was to be able to watch people eat meat',  

Like what am I gonna do, LOL. Leave the meal if someone eats something I'm not? 

I mean everyone's just doing them.

I'm vegetarian already which makes it much easier to transition to a vegan diet. Even so, I eat like 3 protein bars a day. Most of them have whey protein, which is a protein derived from milk. So it's off limits. I'll also do some fage yogurt and cheese in my salads here and there, and don't think twice about butter, or even like honey and fish oil - which isn't vegan. Honey comes from Bees (animal product) and fish oil, is, um, oil from fish. No mas!

But last week it hit me, listening to a Rich Roll podcast (with Timothy Shieff who is the very best), that for the same reasons I'm vegetarian,  apply to dairy and eggs. 

The reasons being related to sustainability, our environment, global warming, human rights (the factory farm industry is #1 in human rights violations), deforestation, animal cruelty.... it goes on as you can imagine. 

At first, my gut instinct was, 'but it's going to be hard, you'll probably have a hard time when you go out to eat and you'll seem really difficult at dinners.'

Sort of true. 

But, for something I'm so passionate about, just because it's hard, doesn't mean I shouldn't do it. 

So that's that. The one thing I do everyday (multiple, multiple times a day) to do my part for a cause I personally care about. 

I also watched a documentary, 'Cowspiracy' that's really cool if you're into that sort of knowledge (aka depressing). It's not super intense, but a very interesting look at the relationship between the dairy, meat industry and the government, it's regulations and the FDA's dietary guidelines. Basically, something needs to change for us to save the planet, and it's going to be more difficult than we think. 

Also like, on the REALEST note. Did everyone see Beyonce's body at the Met Gala a while back? So BANGIN'. 

She did the 22 day vegan challenge, which seems like it provides amazing results. But I would say, if you really look at it, it's heavily based on drinking vegan shakes, and really really, light on calories.


I don't have a body makeover goal, or for weight loss per say because to be honest, I actually may fluctuate my weight up, as I settle into how I should be eating without low sugar high protein products that I eat regularly. 

So, here I go, I've ordered Vega sport protein bars, I'm hitting up Beyond Sushi, The Butchers Daughter (of which I took the photos above) and ordering a good old Joulebody cleanse to kick off.  I'll do a review of that next week :)

And if I fall off, that's cool with me, because the effort to make change is there. 90% is still an A, right? 

Wish me luck y'all :) 

Krista xx