Goodbye, New York.

There comes a time when you live in New York City, and you start to really think about getting the fuck out and moving to California. 

But seriously.

During the long winter, around 50% of the population threatens to make the move, and as soon as it begins to show signs of spring in Central Park, everyone quickly forgets, and falls in love with this crazy place again. 

I know the feeling.

For the past two years, I’ve felt the same way. Like the snow, my whiney bitterness melts away as rooftops fill and street festivals take over. The city in the summer - is turnt. 

But this year, I didn’t really fall in love again. 

It was like I was waiting for it to happen. Ready for the event or random beautiful moment that I believe only happens here. 

New York City has been the backdrop of my everyday. Subways are my only method of transportation and I'm good with crowds and calm in lines. I know how avoid tourists, and I'd never set foot in Times Square. Brooklyn is my second home, and I've learned more about the cultures of the world two years living here than I have in all of my travels. 

I wake up on the 30th floor of our 550 square foot apartment to a view of NYC that never ceases to amaze me. It's almost impossible to think about how unpredictable, adventurous, playful and heartbreaking this city can be, and that I live in it. 

Living here has exposed me to idea of what true hustling is, and how to maximize every second of your day because there's always something to do, someone to see, or something going on that's oh so tempting to go to.

It's a no chill zone, and I would not know half of what my passions are today without New York City showing me the way. It's made me more independent, more appreciative, and unleashed my creative soul and adventurous spirit. 

For that, and so much more,  I am very grateful. 

I've always said that New York can give you so much...but it can also take a lot too. You get what you put in, and I've been traveling so much that I haven't been putting much in when I'm actually here. I'll come home for a bit, two weeks or so, and just try to recharge and get grounded before I leave again. 

I guess I'll admit that it's mostly me, New York.

So, Justin and I are moving to California. 

To Santa Monica, to be exact :). 

In my head, and since I was little I’ve known that I wanted to settle down in California. Whatever that means, be it buying a house, or starting a family (when I'm ready to do that - in 10 years). In my head it's always been where I'd be. 

I don't know if I'll ever be truly ready to move across the country, I mean when I talk about it I really have nothing to say except that I'm excited to 'get outside' and 'do activities' - because I've never moved this far before and I've never done it with someone like a boyfriend.  

There's lots of unknowns, (and lots of packing to be done), but it's all so exciting. 

I think my true ode to NYC post is for another day, but for now I'm making my bucket list before I go. 

Any ideas? I'll let you know my list soon.

& Cali, I'm coming for ya. 

Happy weekend. xx