Hangin' loose in Denver

Sometimes (especially when you’re in the city) you just need a weekend outside with your babes. 

Preferably those who you’ve known since you were straightening your hair, rocking block sandals and always giving Bath and Body Works products as gifts at birthday parties. 

I’ve known my friend Tay since I was like 12, and although we didn’t go to the same high school or college, out of our genuine effort to remain friends.

I mean now with how 'crazy' life can be, it’s truly that extra effort, extra time, written cards… that's kept us close. Its’ been such a valuable connection in my life. It grounds me to see her, about once a year, and provides a reminder how things can change but, for most, at their genuine core people stay the same.

Ya feel me? 

So Denver tho.

Denver is a land of Tevas, Birkenstocks, Costco size REI stores and so many people that are so about health, being outside and exploring all that is Denver. I'm not sure if I could ever live there, but visiting it reminds me of all the cool places in the U.S. that are just a flight away.

It's really rad. You're like 2 or so hours away from places like Vail, Steamboat Springs, Boulder, Aspen....

Freakin' activities on activities. 

If only I skied....LOL

When you're there:

It was actually weird for me to get my workouts in, not on the treadmill or a super dark room like SoulCycle, Barry's, Tone House or Brooklyn BodyBurn.

Breathing fresh air in the mountains, is basically everything. I've been reading a lot about how key it is to mix up your workouts, and since I moved away from Yoga to more cardio, I think I need to shift back and lengthen my muscles a bit. 

Ah and my outfit.

Obviously I needed to 'mountain barbie' my gear so my flannel was a must. I rocked:

So much PDA I know y'all. But I hadn't seen the kid in two weeks! He was in LA, me in NYC and we only had a day together before I was off to Chicago. My favoriteeee city in da world as you know. 

Anything I missed in Denver? Lemme know! I'll be back soon, and writing from the Chi.

Have a good week! Vibes.