HARX Interview aka Conscious Capitalism/Puppy related DOPENESS

When I moved to Venice so many people kept telling me to hang with this chica Kimmy. Honestly people were raving about her and her boyfriend, and although we had met before I was like ok, ok, I will.

Let me just say, I’m soooo glad we did. First you know when you just click? Well yes, and second, when someone’s boyfriend is literally someone who is cool to you, not just like you’re a boyfriend-so-I-will-tolerate-you-because-I-love-my-friend-so-much type shit. 

Yeah we vibed like that. 

So went over to Kimmy’s to be greeted by the famous Jean Pierre the frenchie (@jeanpierre_ze_frenchie), and instantly fell in love. Their place is gorgeous, they are super fun, super driven and creative. We got to talking about what we’re doing, and what’s going on in life, when Kimmy and Alex (her boyfriend) started talking about Harx.

First, understand that Kimmy (@kimmybeau) was ballin’ at her last job, and Alex is successful himself, so when both of them said they quit to pursue it, I knew this was the real deal. 

They both saw a need for a better quality, longer lasting, more stylish, and CONSCIOUS dog leash. That’s right, dog leash.

(For dogs, not like S&M stuff hehe). 

But this is for real. I saw their pup Jean Pierre in one, and these are seriously the nicest leashes I’ve ever seen. No like pink polka dot glitter nylon whatever that is shit. These are quality rope, clip and leather. It’s like a leash that makes you and your dog look put together, LOL. They’re even monogrammed. 


For every Harx leash bought, they donate a portion of the proceeds to dog shelters in the area, so you can feel good about helping out your dog, and other doggies too. Like Tom’s, for pups. 

I mean so rad right? Conscious capitalism is the new shit.

So I was like let’s get more details on this, I need to know more. I always like to hear inspiration, bo$$ bitch talk, and when puppies are involved it’s nice too. (There's so much to learn and so many puppies to help) 

If you're interested in starting your own business, going off and doing your own thing, or even building a social media brand, this interview is perfect for you.

Without further adieu. 

Meet, Kimmy Beauchaine, the Founder of Harx.

Tell us about HARX. 

HARX is a style-oriented collection of quality, handmade pet products for consumers who care. Our mission is to bring consumers the best product in terms of style, quality, and functionality. We think it’s important to be thankful and give back, so with every leash sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to a local rescue or animal shelter. We are starting with pet products but hope to eventually evolve into a broader lifestyle brand.

Where did you get the name and inspiration for Harx?

The inspiration and love for pets originally came from our 1 year old pup, Jean Pierre, and a difficulty in finding quality pet products in the market. While brainstorming company names, we tossed around words like "howl", "barks", etc. and accidentally shouted out "HARX!". We instantly loved it and felt it was perfect considering we didn't want the name to be too pet-focused as our goal is to eventually roll out other lifestyle-focused products as well.


What’s different about Harx? 

The emphasis on quality at an attainable price point with an element of philanthropy. We feel it's important to be thankful and give back, so we donate a portion of proceeds from every purchase to a rescue or animal shelter. Everything we sell is handmade by us in our studio in Venice.


Can you talk about the shelters that you help? 

We just launched three weeks ago, and will be donating to a different rescue or shelter each month. For this first month, we will be donating to a local rescue in LA called Wags and Walks. We absolutely love their mission and what they stand for, and had the opportunity to meet with some of the team/pups a while back. 


You work with Alex your boyfriend on this. Can you talk about that partnership and how that works with starting a business? Do you guys separate the roles and responsibilities? 

It's been pretty amazing working together on something we both love! We've done a good job at allocating roles and understanding our strengths and weaknesses. I handle a lot of the marketing, social, and client communications. Alex handles a lot of the finance and operations aspects and we both collaborate on the product design and strategic partnerships.

What’s been the easiest thing about setting up Harx? The hardest? 

The easiest thing has been building a fan base and connecting with our audience. Probably the hardest thing has been all the paperwork and legal documentation involved whenever you start a company. There's a lot of T's to cross and I's to dot!

What’s your ultimate goal for Harx? 

Ultimately, we'd love to become a successful lifestyle brand and to see our products sold all over the world. Maybe a store on Abbot Kinney... (the dope street that I Krista live of off in California!)

Any advice you’d give for someone who wants to pursue something outside of their corporate job and start something on their own?

If you have enough passion, and you do your research, there's a good chance you can make something of it. 

Is Jean Pierre currently the only Harx model?

At the moment, yes, but we did some initial product testing with close friends and their pups! We love seeing new customers and their pups rocking our gear so we try to feature them on our social handles as much as we can!

Where can people find Harx products? 

Currently, we're selling exclusively online at shopharx.com, but we may look to partner with a select number of retailers in key markets in the near future, so keep your eyes open!

You can also follow Harx on instagram at @shopharx for the cuteness, and I'll be keeping up with Kimmy to see how big this gets. I promise you, it's gonna be huge.

Okay so weekend y'all. FINALLY. AMEN.

What's everyone doing? Keep me posted, and if you know any rad businesses and baller people like Kimmy and Alex, let me know.