BLOGGERS. You need this person on your team - STAT.

Hi babes!

Felt like I needed to post on a super important topic to bloggers, as this weekend was MAJOR.

One of my closest friends got engaged, during a surprise engagement in Malibu this weekend!!!! 

It was BEYOND perfect. She's also a blogger, so we planned it as a photoshoot, and we took her (all dressed and ready) to Malibu to the top of a cliff. Then on a perfect day, where her boyfriend was waiting with the perfect ring he PROPOSED.

We had all the photos to capture the moment. It was beyond amazing.

Danika Miller of Iselin + Hale who I have been working with joined us, and KILLED the photos for the engagement. After the engagement we had a beach picnic, they took some more shots, and then we enjoyed a beautiful lunch at the Ivy.

Honestly these weren't staged, even though they are so perfect it almost looks like it!

This weekend I realized with photos, getting a photographer CHANGES THE GAME PERIOD.

(Yes this is what I thought as I am surrounded by marriage and proposal talk - LOL). 

Although I could ask people/friends/Justin to take my photos, it’s a different perspective completely from a professional and with a professional camera.

I’ve been acutely aware of my photo game on the blog. There are highs and there are lows, and there are definitely places where I have strengths, like in travel photos and in my obsession with color.

But also places where I am super weak, like with fashion photos and really good branding photos.

I’m highly aware of where I can improve in almost every area of my life which is a blessing and a curse, that’s for sure.

I think it may not be widely recognized, how time consuming taking photos is. It’s a timing issue with the right light, finding locations, clearing those locations so people aren’t around (ha) getting ready, having outfits and for products having those products in the best set possible.

Then editing and preparing them for the post that you also need to write and link up.

Plus the weather needs to corporate!

Did I also mention you can’t do them on a fat day? HA. There have been times where I went out with Justin, saw a shot and was like – NOPE. Tomorrow it is.

So it’s been a bit of an obsession of mine to work on having better quality photos, and overall more photos for my blog for the past few weeks. I know I needed a photographer to up my game.

I see it like a coach or mentor. It’s identifying where you may be lacking and finding an expert in that space to help you.

It’s not weakness to know your weaknesses! It's also not weakness to find someone that’s better at something than you are and ask them to teach or help you.

Coaches and mentors, are the missing puzzle piece to take you to the next level. But that’s another post.

I wanted to write a little bit about why you need a photographer, how to find them and how to make the most of your relationship.

But first details on this look real QUICK! Since FLORALS are so IN!

Shop a similar look:

Reasons you need a professional photographer:

  • They have a goodass camera (and know how to use it). I’ve had a NICE camera that Justin got me around our apartment for about a year now. It’s a Nikon D7000, and although I’ve taken classes on how to use the camera, I just don’t know how to use the camera. So, your photographer will have a nice camera that works for them and their comfortable with. They’ll know how to use it!
  • They have a unique perspective and an artistic view. Your photographer has an eye and perspective that they’ve gone to school for, or received training on, or practiced over and over again. It’s their ‘thing’. Their gift. They can see composition of a photo interestingly and differently than most. They know what light is best and why. I could go on but you get it.
  • They’ve got mad editing skills. A photographer most likely uses a photo editor to enhance or improve your photos. By changing colors and brightness as an example you can get a better quality photo, period.
  • To take your photos to the next level. It’s almost like, having a photographer allowed me to feel more like a professional blogger. It was like I felt more the part, because I was investing in the help/person to get me to the next level.

How to find a professional photographer:

I found Danika through the blogger, The Balanced Blonde by Jordan Younger. I LOVE her. She’s so cute and always doing stuff I’m interested in. Plus, I like her posts because she writes full essays, heavy on information and helpful. I noticed that Jordan always was with Danika, sought Danika out and by somehow convinced her to meet with me to be my photographer.

Search hashtags in your area for example: #laphotographer. You can also see which photographer other bloggers in your area are using. Rely on your friends to see if they know a wedding or kids’ photographer that’s also interested in doing fashion photography. There’s a website for freelancers you can find one that’s in your price range to see if you like their aesthetic.

Make sure that you vibe with them. This is so key. You must be comfortable to take good photos.

Your photographer needs to encourage you and make you feel good about being yourself so the photos come out as closely resembling 'you' as possible. 

How to make the most out of your relationship:

It’s also so important to find a photographer that has your aesthetic. Show them pictures, talk about specific things you like in the photos, do you like the movement, the light, the location, the perspective, the colors…there are so many different parts of photos – so try to study it to be descriptive of what you like. If you want to recreate shots, you can even do it. Chances are that it will be different with you in the photo, and you won’t be able to find the exact location.

I chose a lot of really awesome photos from the babes like Tuula Vintage, Sincerely Jules, Maria Ferreira, and Lust for Life. There are some that I feel really represent the boho vibe, that I really am drawn to. I like movement in my photos, I think it provides an energy that you feel when you see a photograph. You sort of predict the movement that happens next. Say in a photo of a dress where there’s movement with the wind. It evokes a greater feeling to me than a stand still poses.

Danika and I went through the photos, discussing what we liked, and it was perfect because it aligned with her aesthetic. Luckily, she's got my exact vibe, so we just got each other immediately.

Also it's good to look at your photographers portfolios and previous work, and tell them which of those photos you love. Explain why you love them and what’s most interesting. This is also helpful because they know what it took to take that photo and recreating something like that is totally possible.

Enjoy the day, and take time for lunch, talk and really get to know each other to build a strong foundation for a relationship that you want to last! Your photographer is super key for your success in creating your vision. This sounds corny, but like, whatever. It’s true.

If you have your family members, boyfriends or friends taking your pictures, you can also show them photos that you’re into so they can try and work to those too. I have a friend who blogs, whose brother bought a camera, and is taking classes because he’s now into it, and wants to support her to take good photos of her.

I’ve taken photography classes to improve my eye, so that’s a good option too.

A few of the shots I used as inspiration: 

The key thing that matters here, is that you feel good about the content you’re putting out there, and if you do - you rule dude.

But if you’re not 100% about it, find someone who can help you to be 100% about it.

I know I shared some of the best photo bloggers I’ve seen, are there any I missed or that you love? I’d love to know more for inspiration!

Also if you have tips and tricks that you use as it relates to photos, do share. I always want to learn more.

Okay good chatting, I feel good about this one and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Also I die for that dress, so cute no?

Chat soon! Feeling crazy this week. You da best.