Hottie Valentines Day Picks (obviously)

Ah Valentines day. 

You either *sigh* or *shudder* when you hear the words, no?

I guess with all things, if you break it down, and REALLY think about it, it's a day to tell the one you're with, you love them.

,....even if you're just 'with' a bunch of your girlfriends all the time :) 


Been there.

I mean, some of the best Valentines day's I've had were with 12 of my girlfriends hanging out together snacking on whatever snacks were in whosoever house we were at....with wine of course. So it's not like just because you don't have a man (or lady) in your life it's a total bust. 

Also, this is related but not. I know a friend, whose family does a Valentine's day card instead of Christmas card because it's different. Which got me to thinking, how cute would it be to give your friends and loved ones Valentines day cards? Just a little quirky, cute and sweet, 'hey you rule - I love ya'. 

So getting on that STAT. 

But back to the babe.

This year, I really need to do something nice for Justin, but haven't really determined what that will be, so I'll plan my outfit first, and work around that, LOL. 

Valentines is such a fun day to dress up like a BABE. You can get away with more, because it's a special occasion and it's all about the two of you. This picture is from Valentines day last year, when I did the loose wave, cream dress and berry lip. I LOVE that dress. It's Phillip Lim from Gilt, and I wear it all.the.time.

I am a fan of using this day as an opportunity to bombshell it. That look that guys like. You know? 

For me it's not dressing like Ellen Degeneres all the time, in long sleeve button downs, skinny jeans, and my motorcycle booties. 

Okay so when I was shopping I thought to rounded up some of the BEST things for a Valentines day look, for your hair, makeup and outfit. Tried and true, I love all of this, so let me know if you have questions or need more suggestions, I'm happy to help ya :)

For bombshell hair:

I'm one or the other here. It's either big hollywood hair, or middle part slick back pony/bun. The Kim K when she was pregnant with Saint West hair. Ya know?

For big sexy Victoria's Secret Model Hair, I LOVE Oribe products. A dry shampoo is KEY to volume and making it a bit gritty so that you can tease it or so that it has more volume. Clean hair, not so much. 

Oribe Sexy Beach Waves Spray: To use: I use this 3 inches away from my root for lift and then as a finisher when I am done curling for a solid, but not too stiff hold.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (I use light because my roots are CRAZY town right now). To use: Spray 4 inches away from your roots, 'tousle' your hair, brush it through or even use a hairdryer for more volume. Use as much or as little as you need.

Curling Iron: I love the clip-less one, so I can wrap pieces of hair around it, and hold for about 15 seconds and release. This one's my favorite because it has the different sizes, and sometimes I just don't know which to use!

Oribe Goldlust Shampoo and Conditioner: Worth it. Period. It's the best shampoo for processed or highlighted hair. It smells phenomenal and because I spend so much on my hair already, I want to preserve the color and health with a quality shampoo and conditioner. Plus, since I never wash my hair - it lasts for months and months.

For a middle part pony, hair spray, or hair shine spray is key. Plus making sure to have clear elastic's because wearing the black ones doesn't look as cute (even though I do it - HA). 

For sex kitten makeup:

Red, is good of course but may be played out ya know? Hot pick and berry are my absolute FAVORITES right now.

NARS + Steven Klein Killer Shine Lipstick in No Shame: This color is SO FLATTERING. I've seen a few of my friends wear it, and no matter their skin shade it looks so good. 

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick: LOVE. This lipstick lasts so long, and just the pigment is perfect. I love that it's almost a stain, so it sticks and doesn't rub everywhere.

NARS Semi-matte lipstick in Jungle Red: This was one of my first red's and its' a bombshell color. I love how it feels on my lips and how bold it is.

NARS Audacious Lipstick: Obviously a huge fan of NARS, but this color is super sexy to me. A bit unexpected, it's probably Justin's favorite because it's different. 

NARS Semi-matte lipstick in Schiap: I love this shade on dark hair, because it's a hyper pigmented pink that's so flattering. For me it feels like I'm trying to hard (like Barbie or something) but it's so fun to wear with cream, and all black to mix it up. 

Tarte BB Cream in Medium: Although this may be a little dark for most people it's like, a perfect BB. I love how it's full coverage, and gives a glow so I don't even use a bronzer. I've had randoms compliment my skin when wearing it, because it looks so natural too. This is perfect over a clean face with a bit of bronzer and blush only.

MAC 35 Lashes: If you have done fake eyelashes before, individual ones, they are SO GOOD for a special occasion. It's super frustrating to learn to do, so bear that in mind if you're in a rush. I love them because it's like that big eye glamorous look that makes you look extra stunning but not overdone.

Benefit Cosmetics BadGal Lash: Probably my favorite Sephora mascara, other than Dior Show, but I like to mix it up because for some reason it seems they don't work as well when you use them a lot. 

NARS DUO Eyeshadow in Isolde: I love this one because it's great as a base on your lid to smooth it out, but also the darker of the two, I use as a liner with a thin brush during the week. This makes my eyes pop more, than a normal liner and isn't as intense. One of my favorites. 

For babe clothes:

I'm just not doing red. I want to step outside my comfort zone (black) and do something super sexy - so I want to add cream and blush.

Blush is the color right now, period. 

I love long sleeve with a deep v either in front or back right now. Any sort of slit is super sexy, too. I'm INTO black and blush. There's something edgy, but refined about the colors and they can be worn with a bolder lip and eye. 

Also, there's just something sexy about a leather jacket. A MUST for winter/winterish (L.A.) when you're going out for the evening. 

Revolve Clothing Elliatt the King Dress: On sale! This dress is under $100 dollars and so comfortable. Perfect for going to dinner (getting Italian) but also feeling so comfortable too.

Revolve Clothing Sky Kirsi Dress: How hot is this? A long sleeve mini with GORGEOUS detail on it, I'm in love.

Lovers + Friends x Revolve Get Down Blouse: This is so sexy and gorgeous, it drapes perfectly and goes with any bottom really. Black ripped jeans, any denim shade (even white), I had to get it.

Ella Moss Katella Blouse: No matter my body situation, my shoulders and neckline are fine, so shirts like these are soooooo clutch. I feel like it's an open invitation to touch silky shoulder skin, no?

Urban Outfitters Members Only Pebbled Vegan Leather Jacket: A long description for such a cute jacket. I love this one because it looks SO expensive, and feels so nice for being affordable. 

Nasty Gal Kendra Plunging Cape Dress: Blush, obviously, this dress is super trendy and looks designer, no? I love the cape.

Nasty Gal Atomic Vegan Leather Jacket: Perfectly priced at $118 dollars, this jacket has the BEST fit. 

Revolve Jarlo Clothing Poppy Maxi Dress: Super flattering and cute, this maxi also has the v slit in the front for added sex appeal.

Revolve Sonja Joy Drape Dress in Black: I love this even after Valentine's day with a leather jacket and booties to make it more edgy. You can really just dress this up or down - it's a true classic. 

Topshop Leather Biker Jacket: So well made, it's perfect to last forever but a little on the pricey end.

Young Fabulous and Broke Maxi Dress in Black: Another one like the drape dress, super sexy but comfortable, I wear this all.the.time.

Blue Life Maxi Dress in Blush: Maybe I like this dress or maybe I like this model, it's ultra feminine and dramatic for a more dressy date night.

Okay so that's the vibe this year people. What's everyone doing? Date night or hanging with friends? Anything special you're doing? I need some good ideas for cute things to do, because showing you care is cool :)

I'm off to plan a little date, suggestions welcome! You guys always know what's good.

Have a good week, keep me posted!