Hot girl workout gear to keep ya motivated!

Happy 2016, babes!

The New Year is here, I am sluggishly trying to attempt tackling my 63 list (for real) of 2016 resolutions. I have a few related to health and fitness, losing weight, toning up etc. so I figured the best way to inspire myself was to not actually workout, but BUY stuff.

Just kidding! Sort of, but I did both. LOL, I splurged on some new gear from Carbon38 and have been working out a bit more than normal :).

I wanted to share some of my purchases, as well as introduce some of these brands because I realized it seriously makes all the difference if you have new gear on working out. 

I find myself SOOOO much more into the fitness game when I feel like I look like I give a shit rather than wearing old sorority shirts and like an old running skirt (guys I have like 3 running skirts I seriously thought they were cute once LOL).

Before this recent shopping trip, I hadn't heard of Carbon38 until my friend Lindsey S. (SoulCycle instructor and actress) got me HOOKED. Let's just say, I AM OBSESSED. I am a bit over the standard gear, wearing my same old stuff, that I've had for 4+ years and Carbon38 has super trendy well made clothes and brands like Alo Yoga, Beyond Yoga, Koral, Spiritual Gangster, Sweaty Betty....and more.

I just feel like it was time for us to expand outside of just one workout clothing brand ya know? 

Also to note, I like to do my workout tops black, or solid and the pants with more patterns. But when in doubt, workout in all black...(props to Kim K. for this one)



Sports Bras:

How's everyone feeling about the New Year and their fitness and health resolutions? Also are there any other good brands that I missed? 

Cheers to grown up workout clothes that become my daily wardrobe, ha! 

I am working SO MUCH on The Hundred Blog this week, so let me know what you think of the changes too. I have lots to come, I hope, and seriously love feedback from my people. 

Thank YOU! xx


P.S. Get $50 dollars off at Carbon38 when you spend $200 by using the code LINDSEYSIM50