How to take better Instagram photos

So I believe so strongly in the quality over quantity Instagram game. I'm sort of fascinated by the shift there's been in the way that we take Instagram's, what gets 'likes' and how to actually take a better photo so your shit looks like professional. 

I will completely admit I'm a little obsessive about it. I won't like interrupt a dinner, or like plan a trip around a good gram, but if I'm doing something cool as shit, I feel a little anxious if I haven't gotten 'the photo' yet. True life! it's really dumb. But hey I know some people feel me on this (and I love you for it). 

Also too, it's fascinating what people 'like' and what it says. Honestly now it's like, if you like someone, no matter what, you then like their photo. That's just how it is.

Captions too, are so freaking key. They can make or break any photo and it's like-ability.  I think sometimes I really lose out on a good post if my caption game is weak, and the same goes the other way. Caption game strong, 'like' game strong. 

Any-who, I could chat with you about this for a while, but I did some research from a few different places (like here, here and here) on 'how to take better Instagram photos' that i thought i would share because i found it helpful myself :) Please peep friends!

Five things you can do right now to become a better Instagrammer:

  1. Know your audience. For real. You have to understand who follows you and, not necessarily gram for them, but like just know that your voice/brand/style is in your photo and people see that as a representation of what you're into. Like, if I posted a picture of food people would be confused and dislike the post because I'm not a food grammer. TRUE LIFE. I don't hate it's just not me. I eat too fast to take pictures yo. 
  2. Don’t be zoomin'. Just take the picture from a normal distance, you can crop if you need to. Zooming most of the time just really makes your photo look weird and really unclear. 
  3. Be a natural. Have you seen my eyes in a flash photo? I'm like a wild animal. The absolute best photos are achieved in a natural light, during the day. Night photos are never as clear or focused. Daytime, summer photos, with shades on are the best. People look amazing it rules. 
  4. Find a legit background. One that doesn't overtake your subject or person, but looks interesting and pleasing to the eye. Honestly if you're in a cool spot, it's much easier to take a good gram. Be in cool spots as much as possible. Graffiti walls, flower walls, rustic doors, endless opportunities. 
  5. Um, photo editing: I use Aviary, and some of my friends use vscocam, I've heard of lots of others that really help to brighten and sharpen. I really don't even use Instagram filters anymore because they sort of suck and who actually uses Kelvin? I used Aviary in this photo below to really bring out the purple (and my tan at the time hehe). 

There's also a lot to be said about: mixing it up, not being posed in every photo, not posting your coffee cup and lots of other things but hey, YOLO! 

Would love to hear if you have tips or thoughts. I'm hopeful these were a little helpful. I'm so open to suggestions! Oh and my Instagram is @kwisduhlynn if you're in the mood to judge hehe. Love you guys xx