VIDEO: My Beauty Secrets (featuring HUM Nutrition)

Babes you know I love me some HUM Nutrition. 

If you listen to the Almost 30 Podcast, you know we're big fans, promoting them on the daily (along with our Almost30 discount code for 20% off). But for real, people DM me, message me, whatever, and ask if their products work. 

They do.

They're clean, vegan, and work.

OKAY SO, not about that, but about the video I did with them for their YouTube Channel on my beauty secrets (especially being in my late 20's). 

In this I talk about:

My favorite beauty products

Why I feel like I have to try harder as I get older (HA)

My current workout routine

My HUM Favorites:

Collagen Love

Flatter Me

Daily Cleanse

Red Carpet

Raw Beauty Greens Superfood Powder

BUT THE GREENS THO. I have this as a treat after lunch (I know it sounds lame to have greens as a treat, but this shit taste like chocolate milk for REAL I LOVE THE MINT CHIP. It has probiotics, fiber, greens...all of the things. SO good.)

(Oh yes and I've tried them all and love them) 

ALSO: Use the code Almost30 for 20% off - yasssss. 

Also this post isn't paid just written out of love. I'm trying to do more video, and create more content that way, so what do you thinkkkk. I want you to see more of me, my personality etc. Sort of like what I do with the podcast - you get the real me.

Okay, questions on things? Also, what are your beauty secrets as you age?