I got hypnotized (!)

I know you guys have probably seen some crazy stuff with hypnotherapy. Office Space? Remember when the main character got hypnotized, wound up at work not giving any sort of fucks an eventually burning down the place? LOL. 

Not the  hypnosis I was looking for.

But, what is hypnosis exactly? It's defined as:

"A trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration. Hypnosis is usually done with the help of a therapist using verbal repetition and mental images. When you're under hypnosis, you usually feel calm and relaxed, and are more open to suggestions."

I didn't even know what to expect I guess, just to clear my subconscious mind?

I wrote about the last time I went to Deborah Flannigan for Reiki. The same time I actually changed my mind from doing hypnosis to Reiki because I was scared to get hypnotized!

But I think the reason I felt more prepared this time to be hypnotized because I felt like I had a purpose behind it.

Personally I've been thinking about ways to improve my overall presence and fearlessness. I'd like to be more present, to get more out of life, and to be more fearless, to just go for it always - the 'it' being something in life that would change with my current goal set.   

I just want to be sure that I do whatever possible to enable myself to achieve my goals. 

In the podcasts and books I've been obsessed with, people that make a difference all have one thing in common. They're fearless. 

People like Steve Jobs (lame example I know but so relevant) don't listen to naysayers or non-believers but always trust and follow their inner voice. Truthfully, with blogging too you really just have to say ‘fuck it’ do you and put your voice out there.

Do you know what I mean?

Think about those people that just fully do them, uninhibited and without consequence, in a good way. Intense eye contact, and full trust and belief in themselves and what they’re saying or doing. 

So, my goal in being hypnotized was to discuss these fears, and to remove any sort of negative self-talk or inner chatter to allow me to just go for shit.

We started casually talking about why I was there, what I wanted to get from the afternoon. We talked about visualization, how I normally present myself or what my normal practices are.

It felt good to speak with a complete outsider where I had to really be clear about everything. Like with friends, or Justin they can fill in the gaps because they know me, they’re part of the constant conversation.

About 30 minutes into our conversation I discovered:

-       What my real goal was and where I was putting unnecessary pressure on myself

-       Where I needed to let go, and succumb to the flow of (my timelines I had in my head!)

-       That having the ability to recognize my desire to release my fear was a step in the right direction

The actual hypnotism session included hands on Reiki and speaking through calming situations as I was in a meditative state. It's super relaxing, essential oils involved (which rule) then 45 minutes of various motivational and inspirational talk related to the issues I wanted addressed.

During the hypnosis I also had to talk about my 'palace', like where I pictured myself in my dreams, which was really interesting. What I ended up seeing was myself in this beautiful house in Malibu (Yolanda's house from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I shit you not) with a  Siberian Tiger, LOL. I'm so serious, but I've thought a lot about that house before, it's my ideal. Tiger is my spirit animal (again I'm serious bear with me) so I related to it, and it felt realistic. 

 So together we walked through the, and she ran through multiple mantras and affirming statements.  It wasn't like I was completely unconscious, I was fully able to grasp and understand what was happening, which surprised me.

When we started to bring my consciousness back, like after a savasana in yoga, I felt taller, and more rooted.
Deborah said I looked brighter, my eyes looked more open. I looked in the mirror and it was weird, I  looked rested as shit. Would probably do it just for the afterglow. LOL.

Today I feel good, grounded, and last night I had crazy good dreams. Which is weird because I never normally have good dreams (not sure what that’s about, but someone once said if you have nightmares you’re working through difficult times in your dreams rather than in life so I think about it that way).

For follow-up sessions, she suggested we meet monthly to continue to work on my sub conscious mind.

My vote is, I’ll be continuing to see Deborah for the hypnosis, but also for the brainstorming and valuable conversation we had at the beginning of our session. Honestly, it was like therapy, but with feedback from an outside perspective of someone I can relate with on a spiritual and open level.

It’s interesting what you’ll share with someone, you don’t know, if you're given the right opportunity and the right vibe.

Would love to hear what you'd do hypnosis for or if you've had any experiences yourself! I'll also keep you posted on my progress. 

Love, Krista xx