I tried Reiki

Soooooo have you guys heard of Reiki?

Well it’s been on my radar, especially being more spiritual as far as experiences goes. But honestly I never really knew what it was until I met Justin.

Justin's mom is a certified legit ‘Reiki Master’.


She’s completed 100+ hours of training, classes and seminars to master her ability to bring joy and heal others through energy 'attunement'. 

So she rules. But anyway.

Some background.

The practice of Reiki is considered to be a form of 'energy therapy' developed by a Japanese buddhist way way back. It's now classified as a form of alternative or oriental medicine. Through the use of 'hands healing' (i.e placing of the palms of the Reiki Master) the practitioners are able to transfer this universal energy of healing to the patient. 

The benefits of Reiki can be all encompassing, not only giving us the ability to heal ourselves and others, which by itself is deeply meaningful, but also bringing guidance for our lives. Its unlimited nature can create opportunities for continual growth, unfoldment and the awakening of our own boundless potential. The ever increasing joy, peace and abundance that await those who sincerely pursue the path of Reiki are not only a blessing to be enjoyed, but also contain the healing that the planet so dearly needs.
— The International Reiki Teacher Center

I’m down with the belief that energy is palpable. I believe whole heartedly in it. To me, it’s as basic as:

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another
— Einstein

It really never goes away. So when someone grows, or even when someone dies (for a cryptic example), the energy isn’t necessarily lost. It’s just changed in some way shape or form. 

What changes, is your awareness of it.

(drops mic)




So, I researched Reiki, and found a credible (i.e she's been on Oprah) and seemingly knowledgeable woman named Deborah Flannigan from The Center for True Health to work with.

(I needed baby steps before I had Justin's mom work on me!) 

To be honest, I had originally scheduled to get hypnotized. Something that also intrigues me. But in thinking about it through the day of my appointment,  I didn’t really know what I would hypnotize myself to do or not do? I don’t smoke, or like grind my teeth at night. Maybe sugar, but like, I don’t want to start dry heaving next time I see a cupcake. I don't know how you hypnotize someone to eat only 1500 calories a day? I'd probably do that though.


So last minute I choose to focus my session on Reiki healing. 

Deborah was an angel. I loved her energy and I could feel myself instantly pick up when I met her. She’s one of those medium types where I feel like I need to impress them with my psychic abilities and I want them to know I’m super connected too. Like, ‘does she know that I’m sort of like psychic? Does she know that my crystal/meditation game is tight?!'


No joke this is what I think.


We started out with some energy work. She taught me something that I honestly think about frequently, and use on a daily basis. 


First some background. When you meet me I’m super energy forward. It’s like, HELLO.

It’s actually sort of aggressive how much energy I can have when I’m with certain people. I’m good at reading people, don’t get me wrong, but I’m aware that I’m at a high vibration for sure. Its really though that I love people, and am a generally happy person.


This can definitely freak people out - LOL. It’s not like, mean, it’s just like some people feel my energy from the front and just sort of want to step back (or run). 


So let me know she felt my energy being super forward when she met me. So, we worked on consciously leveraging my ability through meditation to move my energy from in directly in front, to behind. Consciously feeling that energy settle on my back, and the air clear from the front to allow a more free flow of energy between myself and others. 


That may not make sense, but I hope it does 

So thinking consciously (closing your eyes) about all of the energy you have right in front of you, almost on your chest when you meet or are with someone. 

Now when I’m with new people I can intimidate or meet someone that I can just feel needs my volume turned down, I think consciously about moving my energy from directly in front of me to behind me. Which allows them to feel more freely able to be themselves and share some of their own energy during our exchange.


I’m crazy, I know.

BUT! To the actual Reiki. I spent 60 minutes with Deborah, on a massage chair, dark room, candles lit, Jagged Edge playing (JK I wish). 

We didn’t converse, but during the time she let me know she was focusing on my hips, to consciously send her energy to release tension. Each spot she felt like she needed to send energy to, she’d place her hands on me and hold.

It was a soothing 60 minutes and I definitely felt relaxed, present, and at peace. It was like she was orchestrating a real deep meditation session, and I was sort of floating for a bit

After she kindly brought me 'back' from my deep state, she gave a rundown like they do at most massages actually. What places I hold energy, if she finds any places to keep an eye on. 

Fast forward through it, on my way home, I feel weird as fuck.

Just off. Not good not bad, neither happy or sad. Just feeling like out of body in a way.

Like when you wake up from an afternoon nap. 

For the next few days, I can’t say that I felt that much different, from an energetic sense or any other. I think that, my relaxation and release was available during the session and after, like a good massage. 

Would I do Reiki regularly?

Maybe. I valued my session, but think Reiki is most beneficial being done with a teacher that you can build a consistent relationship with. Someone that can help you if you need energy healing for something specific like back pain, for example. Plus, money.

Intentional Reiki, I would be down with. 

Ya know?

Well maybe, maybe not, but it’s worth trying it. 

P.S. Cost of Reiki varies, but my session was not cheap ($225 for the hour and a half). but I know you can go to other places for much less. I wanted to try the most legit person I could find so I spent the extra $.