4 Instagram Accounts to Follow (if you don't already)

I don't really need to tell you that Instagram is taking over.

As that old saying goes...

To gram or not to gram, that is the question.
— Someone cool

It’s sort of crazy how quickly if you think about it. Remember the days of Facebook photo albums? Praise heavens we moved beyond that.

Yah, can't even.

Also can't even with random like 15 year olds from Brunswick New Jersey with 35,000 followers, like why? But ANYWAY!

I’m very down with gram. Quantity over quality is my game, and I sort of screwed myself because my theme is like, scenic shots and hot girls (my friends) so I don't post as much as I should but I'm working on that in 2015. I'd like to add more of daily life, and more from travels. 

But I came across a few very rad grams I wanted to share. 


A little bit of this, and a little of that. It's an eclectic recommendation set.

Shiona Turini (@shionat)

  • I’m really really into Shiona in a way that I need to talk to someone about it. She’s a babe and total badass. Shi (I imagine her friends call her ’Shi') lives in New York City where she formerly served as the Fashion Market Director for Cosmopolitan with other previous lives at YSL and Tom Ford. (This December she left Cosmo to start her own shit. Bo$$ B*tch style). 

  • Her style is so legit. She leans more towards a street asthetique, bearing more color than most New Yorkers, but she always manages to throw in something couture (that I couldn’t ever afford) to mix it up. I don’t mind the posing, and her locations are inspirational but not intimidatingly so. She is my girl crush of 2015. You can read more about her here (via manrepeller). 

Olivia Lopez (@lustftorlife) 

  • Olivia had me at her bio. If I didn't write about it here I'd want to secretly steal it and make it my own.

@bonweekender based in LA. Documenting fashion, flights, food and festivals
— @lusttforlife
  • Like, she just gets me. All her grams are all super athletically pleasing and I feel like she grams what I want to gram before I can get to it. That's life though. She's a blogger, who I haven't had a chance to read more about, but I'm into exploring more from her.

Lee Tilghman (@leefromamerica)

  • I just started following Lee recently. Normally I'm anti food Instas (I sort of DGAF on what people eat to be honest, but then again I'm not into cooking etc - so thats really just me). But, she's in my NYC circle and close to my heart. Lees recipes are seriously rad. Everything is vegan and raw and a fresh mix up of things I wouldn't normally put together.

And her smoothie bowls?

Can I have that shit like, yesterday?

  • Her photos are absolutely beautiful to look at. The color scheme keeps it new and her vibe is very Brooklyn, so the balance between food and style I respect. I'm excited to see Lees' empire grow, and i know that she's working on a pop-up smoothie bowl shop in L.A. or NYC right now that I'm very excited to frequent.
  • You can also buy her bomb ass homemade 'Granolee' here.
image1 (1).jpg

Joshua Kissi (@streetetiquette)

  • I might post about this later, but I'm obsessed with all things mens fashion, and all things menswear. I feel like men are so fucking thoughtful about everything from the craftsmanship to the story behind a piece. So, Street Etiquette is a bit of that fix for me. (Along with @hypebeast, @notreshop and @dapperlou). Joshua Kissi basically creates a mood board via his Instagram account. Its very curated, cultured and dynamic. Josh crisply declares it as:
A record of experiences, ideas, reflections, and progress comprising of day to day interactions with the world.

Phew. Goals people.

Honorable mentions: 

POWWOWHawaii (@powwowhawaii) - Graffiti and street art really interest me - I love how unexpected it is. POW! WOW! accurately describe themselves to be:

"Centered around a week-long event in Hawaii, POW! WOW! has grown into a global network of artists and organizes gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, mural projects, a large creative space named Lana Lane Studios, concerts, and live art installations across the globe"

They post A LOT, so be wary of that, but it's worth a look especially if you're into art. 

Stonefoxbride (@stonefoxbride) - Can I just love hearing engagement stories? Stonefoxbride always posts groovy and enchanting love tales that make me happy for people and for love in general. Love stories rule, and it's founder, Molly Guy, posts pictures of her 4 year old daughter sometimes and her little f'ing bun on her head is so precious I want to squeeze it.

Moisnmois (@moismois) - A photographer living in L.A. he's super young, like 22 or something - with a serious vision. The girls he photographs are actually out of this planet if you ever want to be sad about yourself/inspired to workout. I love it's rawness though. I follow so I don't have to look like a pervert by following tons of hot babes separately. 

(yes this is my life)

// But. those are my few, hoping to share and inspire. I know I'm missing mass so I'd love to hear any others //