Instagram Account to Follow @tuulavintage

Do you guys know Jessica Stein? She's @tuulavintage on Instagram, and it seems like about 1.5 million people know her. Her page is STUNNING. 

So first. I don't really vibe with her as a person, per say. She sort of freaks me out. 

I actually think she's a robot. I'm serious on her blog there isn't even an 'about' section. Like what is that about? She's like super leggy, blonde...BUT, the photos, her travels. ARE INSANE. In-fucking-sane. 


Why you should follow: The beautiful bright photos are so lust worthy it's crazy. It's solid inspiration to use for shots, or locations, makes you think about potential spots to visit. On her blog, she actually has all the cities and countries she's visited, with high level recommendations of places to go. 

Enjoy Lovers. xx