I got a speech coach, and it's blowing my mind.

There's something about New York City that makes you want to seriously grind.

And better yourself.

And to be at the top of your game.

And to freak the fuck out at randoms on the subway.


I don't know if it's the city, or podcasts, my environment or friends, but I just want to continually get better at everything.

Which brings me to the latest adventure in my quest for self improvement.

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I got a speech coach.

You may be like, WTF is a speech coach? And what would speech coaching help you do? The place where I decided to go, put's it like this. 

Speech Coaching is training that involves improving the tone, resonance, expressiveness, volume, and clarity of one’s voice. In our sessions, we will tailor-make our work to suit your needs.

Why Might Someone Want Speech Coaching?

Change the tone of the voice
Public speaking
Interview skills
Accent reduction
Projection of the voice
Prepare for a speech
Executive persona
Comfort speaking in social situations
Media Appearances
— New York Speech Coaching

I'm down to leverage coaches as much as possible. Coaches are people that have the JOB to keep track and invest in your success in whatever area you choose.

Long story short, I choose a speech coach specifically because I was in a situation at work where I had to pitch myself to a room of individuals. I noticed during my pitch (where I am normally confident), I lost energy, and didn't 'land' my points well. I also said 'like' and 'um' quite a bit. I was like, wtf?

All of these things, 'great' executives, teachers, leaders, inventors and entrepreneurs do not do.

My goal with speech coaching is to identify parts of my speech, or tone of my voice that I could improve upon, to be a more forceful presenter, conversationalist and person in general.

It's about the 'ands', the 'um's and the 'likes' but also about my tone/pitch and my energy level in general.

And my hour session with my coach, Doug, blew my f'ing mind. 

I've never noticed so many obvious things about the way I speak and breathe! Things that, people talking to me on a regular basis may pick up on, but I would never know.

In the session, we did recordings, I read out loud  and I pitched a topic I was passionate about (being vegetarian, I'm so annoying LOL). We also examined the physical part of speech, where you breathe (chest or stomach) and where in the throat does your voice project. 

There were also two easy exercises for anyone to improve their speech, that I found super interesting.

  1. The first was, to slow down your speech enough, where you're unable to use filler words such as: and, um or like. Which is hard anyway, but it was really difficult for me because, when speaking so slowly and not using filler words, you have to change your tone and pitch to end sentences. Whereas before I would just continue your thought using those filler words. 
  2. The second was simple. Take a deep breath, the deepest breath of the day. By doing this, most people puff up their chests and lift their shoulders, rather than releasing their abdomen to let their entire lungs fill up with air. It seems weird, to actually push my stomach out, food-baby style, and breathe. Like the first real breath I've taken all week. 

Much to learn, and each week we'll continue to work on my tone, breath, projection and 'interview persona' which basically means being sharp at all times. 

I'll be sure to share updates! 

Love, Krista x

If you're interested my coach was Doug, from New York Speech Coaching.