For ya listening pleasure - JONI PAYNE interview and jams

Hi babes.

I don't know how to describe music being important to me without sounding like a loser, but it IS.

When you think about life. We often mix memories and songs. Most of us spend our days in headphones. Either finding music to match or, create the mood.

I span the music spectrum, but mostly I'm into Rap, Hip-Hop, Trap, R&B, Soul and Phil Collins. Favorite albums are from artists like Miguel, Frank Ocean, Purity Ring, SBTRKT and I always want to find new stuff. My music section on Hundred is where I share the latest, or on soundcloud I repost good thangs.

My new music muse, is Joni Payne. A babe I was connected to through various cool individuals (thanks Joey and Val!). I started to listen with no expectation of commitment.

But once I love a sound or artist - I'm in. 

So, after a few listens, I WAS ALL IN. 

This has all the FEELS.

Joni is super groovy, sexy and worldly. It's like okay I can listen to this when I'm hanging, cruising, through the day or into the night.

IT'S RAD and retro.

So, I am super pumped to share some new jams with you, and a bit more about Joni as an artist. I was happy to interview her and learn more about the process, her dreams and sound. It's amazing what this babe can do, so I needed to take a note.

I know you'll love this one so we'll get to it. xo

A little about Joni:

Joni Payne combines her classic jazz influenced vocals with pop and R&B melodies to create a unique sound that can best be described as street meets relaxed chic. 

Born in the midwest, but having lived on the east and now west coast, Joni has been influenced by a wide array of genres and American cultures that have helped her develop an explosive and haunting electronic style. 

Standing at six feet tall and coming from a professionally studied graphic arts and modeling background, Joni brings unique and striking visuals alongside her music and performances. 

Full interview, and some of my favorites:

How would you describe your sound? 

My music has a dreamy chillwave/R&B/soul vibe. I like blending new sounds and really old sounds to create a cool dynamic of my own.

As an artist you must have people you listen to for inspiration.

Who are some of your biggest music inspirations? 

Ahhh so many haha and constantly changing, here are a few of my favs that stick though:

Billie Holiday for her voice, Frank Sinatra for his swag, Al Green for his emotion, Frank Ocean for his story telling, Jimi Hendrix for his dedicated talent, Dean Martin for his sense of humor, Etta James for her soul, DJ Quick for his vibe, Luther Vandross for his sexuality, Erykah Badu for her individuality, Miles Davis for his Miles Davis-ness.

If you had to collab with anyone, who would it be and why?

I always love what Justin Vernon does with artists, i feel like the way he approaches collaboration helps them grow and create new sounds that are next level. 

What's been the best show you've ever seen live?

(Lupe Fiasco at Lollapalooza or The XX at Coachella are mine)

Oooo yeah The XX was my first concert in LA and they were great, it felt like they created their own little world to step into. Uhhh right now I'd say my favorite was probably seeing Snoop Dogg because i fell in love with him while he was on stage so that was pretty cool.

Something about the way he didn't have to ask for people to listen, but just did his laid back thing and it commanded his own presence was so amazing to me. 

Walk us through a day in the life, any rituals?

I have to wake up at 8am to move my car from the meters thanks to wonderful LA parking, so that's become a sort of ritual haha.

It's actually great because it makes me get up early and by the time i'm in the car i'm ready to get coffee.

Coffee would be another ritual. I have my own little studio set up in my apartment so I usually am writing/designing from there, or at one of my producer's spots. I take dance classes throughout the week and generally get to the beach to clear my mind and breathe every couple of days.

I'm always finding different ways to create, but one of the only consistency's I've noticed is that things flow better when my apartments clean, so a lot of times i find myself putting on a record and making my bed before sitting down to do art. 

You moved from Ohio! What brought you to L.A. and how has your upbringing shaped you?

I actually have moved around a lot growing up, I lived in Ohio for the longest, but before coming to LA I went to boarding school in Boston and my family moved to Colorado.

So I would actually say that moving and restarting in new places shaped me more than any one individual spot. I've always felt like I could take on any environment and it taught me not to be afraid of rediscovering and inventing myself.

I was lucky to have a really close huge family to keep me true to my core, but I never was stuck to one community's influence or perception of me. 

What's your biggest dream right now?

I just want to keep opening doors and getting better. 

My favorite Joni jams:

Your most exciting accomplishment of 2015?

Getting my first single out. It always feels like there are forces working against you when you're trying to do something new, so just breaking through those barriers and putting yourself out there is a huge step.

Any goals you have for 2016?

Lot's haha, but mostly just to transition into making my art my full time job.

Which of your songs do you think best describes your sound that people can jam to?

"Must Have" probably holds that place in my heart for now, but I have a new project coming out this spring that will do that to a fuller extent. It has a video/short film component that starts out by revealing some of the most intimate and vulnerable sides of me, and then transitions into some of the bigger visions and artistry that I want to connect with my music. there's also an EP tied to it that helps expand on the different sounds I've been putting out and continues to tell the story of who I am as an artist. 

I know for lots of people, they have dreams or talents but never enough courage to actually pursue them. You're super talented, and have such an amazing sound. Can you talk about the moment (or moments) where you knew you wanted to go for it and pursue your career as an artist? 

I think that for me it comes down to enjoying the process of growth, rather than doing it for some end goal that may or may not ever happen. It's definitely really hard sometimes, but I get the most joy when i make a song that i love, so as much as i want people to hear it and to connect with an audience, i'm more concerned greatness than popularity. i guess it was never really a question of whether or not i would pursue it, i just really love making art. 

So cool, right? I love the perspective, and weirdly I loved how she said she works best in a clean space. HA. I FEEL THAT and I needed someone else to verbalize it. THANK YOU.

I'm really into the sound and feeling, and super excited to see where this one goes! She's also a super babe right? Love the look - and always into anyone with a bold Brooke Shields brow. 

What's your fav jam? 

Lemme know!

Happy Wednesday. Always glad you're here.