& then it was JUNE.

How are we halfway into the year already? It feels like only yesterday I was writing my New Years Resolutions, freezing in our apartment overlooking a snowy NYC (wearing Justin's XL college sweatpants, mildly depressed....,.)

But alas! It's finally starting to warm up here! (Just peeled off my coat today, because for some reason last week was cold as f too). 

Importantly, as we enter June, a new month, means new HOROSCOPES!

Which I live for.

It makes me aware of anything I should be on the lookout for, or things I can use as an explanation for my mood....


I'm a pisces -  super empathetic and affected. I just mark down dates that are noted in my horoscope and take what direction I need from it. That's it. It's a warning or prep tool for what's to come. 

Written in the stars and transcribed for you from:

  • Elle (the astrotwins!) even though they weave in advertisements like for Lash Blast mascara and shit, but it's fun to read and the points are there. 
  • I live for Susan Miller (when she does post. There was a period before she launched her website, now Astrology Zone, when it was like the 17th of every month before she dropped the monthly 'scope. There's alway something that comes up with psychics- haha)
  • My favorite Astrology apps are: Daily Horoscope, and Horoscope. Daily Horoscope is a bit cleaner of an app, but search for those in the App store. They're free. 

Besides some 'scope reading, what's happening this month?  I'm going to Bestival, in Toronto, and trying to cross things off my NYC bucket list for the summer. Seeing Coney Island was one of those items, that Justin and I did yesterday. Coney is on the beach, a little dirty and overrated (being real). Justin looks like so tall and massive here in this picture at Coney Island, I keep laughing at this picture, I don't know why. LOL LOVE U DUDE. 

I also did a good Brooklyn weekend at Output and Berry Park with my friend Jessica, in town from San Fran, which was perfect on a Saturday. 

What else is everyone doing this June? I love hearing summer plans (puts head on hands like a good listener.) I know there's so much fun to be had in these summer months, let me know! 

Happy June! Love Krista