Meet my new fav BLOGGER: Caroline Juen of Love & Loathing in Los Angeles


Hello hello!

Welcome to a new week y'all. 

Excited to share this one with ya.  A little intro to my fav blogger, Caroline Juen of Love and Loathing Los Angeles.

Not only does she have the dopest logo, but she does all the shit in LA that I should/need to do. She's down to earth, has a really unique and creative eye, and has a perfect balance of art, food, culture, fashion and shit you want to read about.

It's really hard to stick out in this space, and I've been so impressed with her ability to be a unique voice, with a unique creative vision in today's blogging world. 

She's adorable with dimples, and her photography is OFF THE CHAIN.

A little reminder that I need to up my game in the photography space, fo SHO.

For me, acknowledging and giving props to the best of the best (from my perspective) is #womensupportingwomen  - no competition is needed anywhere, since we're all different and bring something different to the world. 

I am so EXCITED for this interview, and some of my favorite Caroline photos to share with ya. She's a true joy to read, has a real wit and fun loving part about her and I know that you're going to fall in LOVEEEEE (no loathing) with her.

Shout out to Caroline for helping on da post!

Tell us a little about who you are, what you do:

My name is Caroline Juen, I’ve been an Angeleno for about 7+ years now, and I run a lifestyle blog called Love & Loathing Los Angeles!

Why did you decide to start a blog?

Originally I wanted to write a BOOK, but after telling my mother about all my big literary plans she brought be back down to earth and suggested I start with a blog first. The intention behind the whole thing though was to create more positive conversation about a very misunderstood town. LA is not “literally the worst”, and people who say that it is have likely never been to LA or have visited and did all of the wrong things. LA has such an incredible spirit, it’s a place worth visiting, talking about, and yes even residing. 

How do you describe your blog to a stranger? 

“Food, fashion, and fun in Los Angeles.” 

What's your favorite thing about what you do?

That’s a hard one, because I can’t quite nail down just one. I love being able to create content on my own terms and have it be received with open arms, support and positivity. I love meeting so many wonderful people because of it. I love running my own show. I love the struggle, I love the success, I love the journey of always being excited over “what’s next” for Love & Loathing LA. It blows my mind everyday that I get to do what I want do with my life and that it keeps simply moving forward. 

The hardest thing about what you do?

“What’s next” is a double edged sword, it’s exciting but also terrifying. Freelancing means there’s no guarantee and if you get to deep into your own head it can be detrimental. I try to stay on top of making sure I feel like I am consistently trying to make new connections and relationships to keep things moving forward. 

Something you'd like to do more of that you aren't currently doing already?

I feel like I can’t do enough of anything as it is!!! I wish there was just one more of me! If there WAS one more of me, I might explore a little more video though, could be fun!

Advice for other bloggers on standing out in a saturated place:

Create a very specific voice/narrative, be personable (be you!!!), and be consistent. And never ever never skimp on quality - quality ALWAYS stands out. (No blogging for bloggings sake.)

Find out what your edge is, what makes you different (whether that be voice, photography, style, you’ve been to more restaurants than anyone you know, etc.) and run with it.

Advice or tips for curating the perfect instagram feed (fucking love yours):

SO MANY. #1 trick I use to curate is by using a fake Instagram account to test my photos on. There ARE apps for this, but I much prefer the “real” thing. I love to test out photos for my feed before posting; I think of my Instagram as my mini editorial lifestyle magazine, it’s all gotta be cohesive. Another tip I think really helps up the Insta game is to find your filter and stick to it.

I use A Color Story to edit my photos and I truly believe it helps me with that cohesiveness amongst all of my photos!

Describe your perfect day: 

No gym, we’ll just start there. Someone else will have worked out for me, and then I would probably do something along the lines of breakfast and sun consumption in my backyard hanging with my boyfriend and dog, then lunch at Kazu Nori, carefree shopping spree at Reformation or ACNE, a movie at the iPic theater (*VIP SEATS* obviously), then either a bougie dinner at Spago, or burgers and cocktails at Everson Royce Bar. Cant decide there.

There’s so many ways to have a perfect day in LA though, it’s incredible. That’s just the kind of day I want TODAY I think :)

Why the LA love? What makes LA so great from your perspective?

LA is so incredibly magical, I was trying to nail down my favorite thing about LA the other week and it was just impossible to come up with just one. I love that LA is so insanely welcoming and supportive of so many people and cultures, we really get to enjoy and experience it all here. And for a large as LA is, there really is a huge sense of community here - we all seem to more or less be on board with “we all come up together.”

The creativity that emanates from this place is palpable, it’s inspiring, and it’s unlike anywhere else on earth in my opinion.

Brand you wear that describes your style?

Calvin Rucker. Love & Loathing LA has more or less grown up with this brand and I have to say if I could only wear one brand for the rest of my life it might be theirs! They’re talented women, founded and made in DTLA, and their designs are just incredible. Their M.O. is edgy yet feminine - think Gwen Stefani. All I ever want in life is to be Gwen Stefani, and Calvin Rucker gets me kinda close. 

Best beauty secret? 

Wash your face and moisturize at night, even if you’re too tired and/or drunk. I use Guinot religiously (like will not be persuaded by other brands), and I swear it has changed my skin. 

Best advice you ever received?

"Either you can or you can’t, either way you’re right.” I’ve got about a billion and one more great bits of advice where that came from, all given to me by my #1 - my mom. 

What's next for you in 2017?

I am “a day at a time” kinda gal, but I am really hoping to get to Europe this year. I could really use some culture and some travel this year :) otherwise it’s just maintaining this train and keeping it moving forward!

Where can people find and connect with you?

You can find me on my blog for a more in-depth curated look at life around LA 

Or you can find me on Instagram for the more "in the moment” perspective (@loveandloathingla)

So SO good right? I loved how she thinks of her Instagram more as an editorial - making it polished cohesive and fresh. If you ever visit L.A> especially for my babes out of the area, DO go to her site and get all the good recommendations. 

Love this, truly! Inspired just reading and doing this with Caroline.

Excited to hear what you think!