Mini-itineraries for San Fran and Dallas

Hello beautiful people! Wassup? Feeling FESTIVE yet!? 

Writing this week from Dallas, Texas. Where I feel at home with my ladies here. The best blondes for some reason come out of Texas, and the hair tease is on POINT! 


I wanted to post a few dope spots to check out in Dallas, as well as San Francisco where I was last week. Lots to do and see and I want to be sure to cover it in case you decide to go. 

I’ll start with San Francisco. 

I feel like this time I got much more of a ‘what it’s like to live there’ vibe. I was in SOMA (South of Mission street) a lot of the time, and had the chance to work out, and shop at Whole Foods (I’m so predictable, I know). But these activities making me feel more like a local, living my life, than a tourist at the Golden Gate Bridge Park all day. Although that's the best park, maybe, ever. 

I would definitely not call this a full weekending or guide, but I really found some gems these past weeks. I wanted to share a day’s itinerary for each!


Take Barry’s Bootcamp SOMA or Core40 SOMA: I am a Barry's girl through and through. I love it. Core40 was something I tried recently, and it's a mega reformer workout targeting the core. Definitely one to try especially for pilates lovers. 

Breakfast at Cafe St. Jorge: The best avocado toast ever, plus amazing salad and sweets. One of the favorites. This isn't the closest thing, as it's outside of the city, but if you have a car - worth it.


Alamo Square: Where the painted ladies are! Lots to do and see here, it's one of the best parks in SF and all the houses aligned on the street are called 'Postcard Row' because they are so gorgeous. 

Mission District: I love the mission district for it's culture, it's unique vibe and completely refreshing expansive view of the world. There are so many different people, restaurants and it boasts some of the best weather in the city. 


Petiti Crenn: A new restaurant where the old Bar Jules used to be (one of the best spots ever). Petiti is upscale and an experience. All foodies take note, this is a good one. I love it because it's all seafood and vegetables on the menu :) 

Now to Dallas, y'all.

I’m a huge Austin fan, I’ve been a few times and really loved Rainey street, and the rustic, whiskey vibe. 

Dallas seems to be the preppy older sister. It’s more posh, clean and really has beautiful spots to stay and see. The shopping, and food - is bomb. I think I need to come back for a bit longer to really feel out what it’s like to live here. 

Interesting (or maybe not so interestingly ha) lots of companies are headquartered out here so it’s a hub for headquarters and folks live right outside downtown and drive in. Public transportation is a no, and getting to and from places in the big state takes a bit. I’m weird with public transportation, I’m sort of obsessed with it. It’s just so key to the future growth of the city and the U.S.  - okay I’ll stop. 


Local Press + Brew: The best juice and coffee here for ya coffee fanatics. There’s also amazing baked goods you can grab for the day. I obviously opted for all of it with a juice, coffee and peanut butter toast. YAS.


Resident Taqueria: Tacos are better in TEXAS. They have amazing veggie tacos and it’s such a cute, hip spot.

Lion & Witch: I’ll take one of everything, please. This shop is gorgeous, and got voted best women's store in Dallas recently! Worth a shop for sure.


Taqueria La Ventana: Can you have too much TEX MEX? I just love how fresh it is, and if you don’t eat like a f’in big burrito (which I did this meal) you’re good. Taqueria was rad.

940’s: Sexy spot for a post dinner drink, it’s a gorgeous bar and a newly established hot spot.

You guys it’s been a busy busy few weeks, and now with the holidays coming up, I am trying to keep up and catch up with life. I had wifi on my last flight and honestly the productivity had at 20,000 feet is INCREDIBLE. I got all my Christmas shopping done, HA. 

*said in Oprah voice* Christmas presents for everyone!

Needing to really chill out on the grub, and get back into a decent sleep routine, stat. But now being thankful and excited for the holiday season. I'm trying to plan a volunteer opportunity for Justin and my family over the holiday! I will keep you posted.

Have you guys been to Dallas? San Fran? What am I missing? You guys know the best spots to eat and places to see, so let me know! I can use it for a future guide :).

Hoping your week is ze best! (Super stress free and full of holiday cheer) 

Always thanks,