Montauk Vibes (getting out for a bit!)

Summer is most definitely here and the city is TURNT. 

It's amazing, but also a bittttttttt much. Like, on saturday I realized I left my credit card at the restaurant an hour after I left brunch (typical shit), but was so over the insanity in the city that I only made it halfway to the restaurant to pick it back up when I just said 'fuck it' got a smoothie went home and called the Capital One to get a new one mailed to my house.

It was seriously worth it. No regrets!

I did not want to fight the legitimate parade happening in Union Square LOL. The parade was 'different dances of the world' and was going DOWN 5th ave blasting jams.  

I mean it's only been summer for a few weekends, and everyone seems to be so happy that the weather is warm and there's lots to do in NYC. Yesterday I had a good workout (Barry's whaddup), brunch at The Egg Shop, and drinks at PhD at The Dream Hotel (pic with my bud below) with friends and the people watching was everything.

The crazy seems only temporary though because sooner or later...

the people in the city, leave and go to places like Montauk, Fire Island and The Hampton's. Like every weekend. 

I mean it's so interesting,that everyone believes this is 'the greatest city in the world' but yet, always want to leave.

Whenever I leave, everyone's always like "that's good, it's good to get away from the city for a while'.

Why is it that everyone loves New York City so much? But always wants to leave at any chance they get? 

I'm used to living in Chicago, where when summer comes, you specifically don't plan weekends out of the city because the warm summer days are so precious. I never hear of people who live in California wanting to 'get away' from it.  

Interesting right? NYC never ceases to amaze me. 

So like a true/wannabe New Yorker, I'm in Montauk right now (for the first time honestly!) and it is mellow to the max. Beach town, sand, small shops and general stores. 

I'm staying at The Montauk Beach House, and it truly feels like I'm so far away from the city right now.  It's a new hotel, around a season old and I would for sure be back because the decor is right and the location is so close to the water. They have that Restoration Hardware flow. 

I'm being a good 'chiller' and spending most of the day at the beach, watching the surfers just thinking about how I'll never touch a surfboard in my life. It's so so hard for me to just 'hang out' but it's nice. I'm reading Dynamic Thought, which is like, a more intense less fluffy version of The Secret. Game Changer, but defo not a light read. 

Lunch today was ahmazingggg at Joni's which is like an old school vibe, super low key which I dig.

Amen to like, loose fitting shirts and coverups, jean shorts and lunches outside of little spots like Joni's. #canigetawitness

At night I'll do a run on the Montauk trails (just kidding Justin and I do not workout together at all - but I'll go). Running sometimes just feels like such a good way to feel out a place. Whenever I travel I always make it a point to find a place to run so I can see as much as possible, and work off baskets of bread that I eat. 

I've heard that The Surf Lodge gets a little loud, and we'll do that after dinner at The Inlet tonight. All on schedule baby. 

Can I say how freaking quiet it is here? It's crazy it's so close to the loudest place in the world, but seems so relaxed. Like I'm not totally sold (I think because we aren't in-season just yet), but for a getaway weekend yes pleaseeeeee (I'll go anywhere really). 

I'm back to the city on Tuesday evening, with a few days before I'm off to Denver and Chicago for a week. If you haven't been to Chicago in summer you haven't lived and I am going to crush so much Starfruit with my people. (Starfruit is frozen kefir and it's basically zero calories of amazingness). 

But on Montauk, I feel like I'm missing something? What's a must go place here? Tell me moreeeeee, I want to know what you guys think? Also on NYC in the summer? 

Will be writing soon. Love, Krista x