Why Intermittent Fasting is the best non-diet you can do

Greetings babies!

How are you? Hope all is well! I'm doing a bit of travel this week with work which is busy, but nice! It's so great to be in person with people :). Hope you're having a good one so far! 

Lately, I have been meaning to talk about Intermittent Fasting with you! Something I have been doing lately and LOVING IT.


If you think that my diet tends to be trend based I would say, yes, in a lot of ways it is. Although I've been vegan for years and vegetarian before it was cool, so I feel like I need to use that credibility, haha.

I love IF because it feels like something I can actually do. It doesn't restrict what I can eat, or tell me about what I should and shouldn't eat. To be honest, I know what to eat. I don't really need anyone else to tell me what to eat. 

Sounds silly but I am surrounded by so much information about it, it's more of the challenge to FOLLOW the info, than to get it.

It's like girl eat what you want, just make sure you're eating during this time frame, and you'll feel better.

Obviously not going crazy and just eating S'Mores and kettlecorn all day, but you get the picture.

To help me with IF I have been using this amazing app called 'zero' that basically helps you to track the time between your fast. 

I do typically 15-16 hours between meals about 4 days a week. The other days I will do around 12-13 hours, nothing really less than that for no reason other than I don't get that hungry late at night. I'm a morning hunger kind of gal.

More information on what Intermittent Fasting is:

"Intermittent fasting (IF) is a term for an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It does not say anything about which foods you should eat, but rather when you should eat them. In this respect, it is not a "diet" in the conventional sense. It is more accurately described as an "eating pattern." Common intermittent fasting methods involve daily 16 hour fasts, or fasting for 24 hours, twice per week."


What's key for me there, is that it's an eating PATTERN, not which foods I should and shouldn't eat. Does that make sense? I am a rebel by nature so not being told what to eat or what not to eat is KEY. 


Benefits of Intermittent Fasting:

  1. Intermittent Fasting can help you lose weight and belly fat.
  2. It can also help with digestion, giving your body a break between meals so that your digestion can fully process your meals. 
  3. It can help to change the function of hormones and genes in a positive way
  4. Studies show that intermittent fasting can reduce oxidative damage and inflammation in the body. People believe that this has can help reverse aging so you look young and fresh always. 
  5. Intermittent fasting can also improve numerous risk factors for heart disease such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglycerides and inflammatory markers.
  6. Fasting triggers a metabolic pathway called autophagy, which removes waste material from cells. This helps to keep your cells in tip-top shape.
  7. It may increase growth of new neurons and protect the brain from damage! 
  8. Studies that they have done in animals suggest that intermittent fasting may be protective against neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's disease.

 How I practice Intermittent Fasting:

So IF has been really rad for helping with my digestion, helping to feel better when I am eating, and has actually helped me sleep better.

I like that I finish my dinner around 5:00 and then wait until the next morning at 10:00 AM to eat. Then too, I am actually hungry for my meals. I also like that I feel more in control of my eating pattern, but at the same time it's less restrictive. 


My schedule:

Monday, Tuesday and then two other days during the week. Sometimes I can do this during the weekend because I am a loser and go to bed at 9 PM and work all weekend. Plus I don't love going out to late dinners, I would rather do an early breakfast or lunch with someone :). But, DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. If you like to eat later, have your breakfast later, just make it work for how your life is.

I will usually have breakfast at either 8 AM and finish my last meal at 4 PM, or eat breakfast at 10 AM and finish my last meal at 6 PM. Again, I don't love eating a big dinner, I never have. So not being hungry at night is fine and if I am hungry, I will drink a Four Sigmatic Hot Cocoa. 

Again, do what works for you. Just suggesting something that works for me!


Questions? Have you tried this? Let me know!



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