Living in: FRAYED DENIM + my favorite sweater for under $35

Greetings! Hello!

Glad you're here! Seriously, I am! :)

What did you do for Valentine's Day/Galentine's Day? Anything FUN?

We did a low-key night at a new restaurant I've been wanting to try! I had Justin plan it (ladies tell them EXPLICITLY what you want them to do, it makes life much easier - LOL). For him, I ordered heart shaped pizzas to his office (like 7 of them - HA) and they had a little pizza party for V-Day.

I know what a guy likes, and it's $100 worth of ZA.

Oh and, when Justin commented, 'new sweater?' sarcastically to me when I came home from work last week, I realized that I needed to share the outfit I have been living in lately.

Frayed denim, and this over-sized sweater.

I have gotten SO MANY compliments on this mustard number. People seem to love the color, and that it looks way more expensive than it is.

Plus, it's so cozy chic.

I'm VERY in to the marigold/mustard color since it looks good on blondes, brunettes, and redheads alike! I usually throw it on with jeans, black denim, and I've even worn it out to dinner with my OTK boots and a black tight dress for that over-sized sweater sexy vibe. 

The jeans and the hat I got on the app, which I told you about in a previous post and shared on my Instagram here.

I've been using to app to shop because it's SO EASY and because I've already made cash back just from shopping. Highly recommend reading the full post here.'s made shopping easier, because you just scroll a curated feed of what other people are shopping, what's trending, what's new...rather than to search aimlessly on websites for inspo.

The internet, is like shopping at Forever 21, lots happening, (most of it bad), but if you spend the day searching you'll find some REAL gems. 

But who has that time?

The app makes the experience seamless for you.

You guys know, that is the app that luvs you back (by giving you cash MONAY each time you buy, or when someone buys something you 'luv'!)

This is my favorite part about the app because it gives people who aren't in rewardstyle or shopstyle the chance to earn $. 

I found these jeans, and this hat on Two things which I would have never found otherwise.  

With Luv.It you can find up and coming designers, modern brands, and trending products like these jeans that just arrived this week. You can see what it's like to shop these items, below!

Download Luv.It and let's follow eachother (@hundredblogla)!

Shop the post:

$32 Loop Knit Open Front Cardigan

Jagger Black Hat by KINHATS from

(similiar from Brixton Women's here - this one I wore in Big Sur and I love it too)

Hustler Ankle Fray Denim Jeans from

Urban Outfitters Textured Knit V-Neck Tee in Grey

Have you guys gotten the app yet? Let me know so I can see what you're into!

Hope you're having the best week. Thanks for reading, means the MOST.