Companies that give back + Easy favorites from Natural Life

This post is Sponsored by Natural Life, but all opinions are my own.

Reading a new book right now, guys! The Compass and the Nail. Written by the creator of Patagonia, all about why charity is important and an integral part of business.

There is also this AMAZING Ted Talk by Dan Palotta, has me thinking about charity, marketing, customer loyalty, and how organizations can be both socially and enviornmentally minded - all while making a profit. You can watch it here. 

I've been meaning to do this post for a while, but I wanted to put a spotlight on some amazing clothing companies that give back, while providing products that are stylish :).

After a little research, I was surprised by the amount of companies that are putting in the effort to do their part. Although small, it's better than nothing (which can seem sad to say) but it's a start in the effort to make a more thoughtful economy. Each time we spend our money, we are making a decision, and saying 'something' about what we value and believe. It's not that people don't care, it's that people don't know there are brands out there doing good, with a positive mission statement and ethical values. 

I wanted to share my favorite companies that have initiatives and items worth knowing about. But first, one of my favorites who I am wearing in this post is Natural Life.

Natural Life is all a brand all about spreading positivity with inspirational treasures and boho decor. They also have easy, soft casual wear that I am sporting here too. Their brand and mission is all about sharing things that can make you happy. 

I love their story, their core values, and their products are super cute too!


What I love most about Natural Life is their commitment to helping others. 

How Natural Life helps:

  • They support local and national causes by donating Happy Boxes filled with Natural Life treasures to help raise money or bring hope to someone in need. 
  • Their FEARLESS Collection, which helps spread awareness about anxiety and reducing the stigma that surrounds mental illness. 
  • They Work with an amazing group called Girl Talk, which is an international non-profit peer-to-peer mentoring program with a very simple premise: High school girls mentor middle school girls to help them work through the issues they face during their early teenage years. They help young girls build self-esteem, develop leadership skills and recognize the value of community service. 
  • Not only that but Natural Life works with other great charities like:

Makes you feel motivated, right? 


Other companies that give back: 

Warby Parker: Buy a pair and they give a pair of glasses to those in need.

Thrive Market: Donates to low income families while you get savings on brands you love

People Tree: People Tree has transformed ethical fashion into something contemporary, accessible, and desirable. They design and produce high quality, fashionable products for women and men, while being sustainable and thoughtful.

LEMLEM: lemlem is an artisan-driven collection of women’s, men’s, children’s and home goods made entirely in Africa. They support women in Africa and are committed to helping empower them through work. 

FEED: FEED bags give back to multiple causes listed on their site. They help feeding people, with education, and supporting communities and children all over the world. 

The Brave Collection: The Brave Collection is a line of jewelry handmade in Cambodia to celebrate Bravery and empower women across the globe. 10% donated to fight human rights. 

Diff Eyewear: Donates a pair of glasses for every pair sold 


Natural Life.jpg

How cutes' is my casual wear though? It's so soft, so comfortable and I love the look of both pieces! Let me know if there are any other brands that we should know about that are giving back and doing good? I would love to share and promote them! 

Also if you want a good book to read, I recommend the Compass and The Nail - it's been so interesting to read more about the impact businesses have on our culture today.

Love sharing with you! Thanks for being here!