Money on my mind (New Mexico edition)

People ask me how I afford to travel as much as I do. 

Seriously, I've had people from high school (who I legit don't talk to regularly) like text me to ask me how I travel so often. 

If I really thought about it I'd say about 30% of paycheck goes to the next trip. I

If someone was to ask, I'd just give a shoutout to my roommate, who I share a studio with (um hi rent cut in half) and like, good planning.

But on the real though, I have thoughts on how I afford to travel at least once a month. 

I don’t drink, do big dinners, or shop THAT often. Trader Joes helps, having friends at SoulCycle and other fitness studios helps too. I get mad flights with points, and because I work partially in London, I add international trips on before and after because my flight cost is already covered. Little things I guess?

Really though, it's about the mindfulness. Mindfully spending on things I love, and then mindfully letting that other shit go. 

What else is money for? But living.

Something in New Mexico last week, though, really confirmed my view on money. 

In Santa Fe my friend Julie and I went to the Canyon Road Galleries. It’s a quarter mile stretch of beautiful adobe style burnt orange places with all sort of aesthetics and styles. It’s the second most populous art place in the United States. It's so rad.

Little background on Jules. Since I've known her she's always been super into art. We all have friends that have 'things' and this is hers. It’s different, and I love learning about her passion because it helps me to expand my knowledge and appreciation of the arts. 

She’s always had a dream, her vision, to own beautiful pieces of art, then start a collection and have them in her home.

So, on Sunday in Santa Fe on Canyon Road, we were being little betches walking around in our little outfits (hehe) and strolled in to the first gallery we saw. The gallery had stark white walls with beautiful canvases of color, a little dog running around the place shivering like little dogs always freaking do.

There, we found a piece nestled on the back wall that Julie fell in love with. I was so down too,. It's so fucking badass. It’s modern, but bright, just really groovy.

So she bought it. No questions, or doubts, just did it. 

Not sure if anyone knows but like, pieces of real life art in galleries are fucking expensive. Theres a reason not everyone buys art as a hobby. 

But this was it for her. It was all part of her vision, her goals, her life that she wanted to create. It was, foregoing little expenses she had upcoming to ultimately buy this thing that made her excited about putting steps forward in her life to become the vision that she has for herself. 

For me this was the confirmation to thoughtfully think about where I want to spend my money. Being intentional, and then you don’t feel guilty about spending it (if you can) on things that are truly important to you, and forgetting about the rest. 

It's the way to thoughtfully create your life, by being intentional and never regretting doing (or buying) what you love.

That's why when I buy flights, or spend money on a trip, it's just like, how it has to be for me. It's part of the life I want to create. One where I am constantly on the go, constantly absorbing experiences. The pisces in me, I need that change and stimulation man. 

I was so grateful for this trip, and for all the learning I did. I guess too, I was grateful I could afford to do it. 

I guess when we look back at our lives we'll look back at how we 'spent' it. Either money or time. Both are made to be done with intention behind it. 


// side note, writing a Santa Fe Guide soon //