New Years Resolutions Rule

Resolutions fucking rule.

Why they rule. They involve: 

  • thinking critically about what you'd like to improve in your life
  • writing it down
  • making a plan
  • taking action upon that plan to make shit happen

It's sort of like, you can't hate on people for wanting to better themselves and the lives of those around them (even if they sometimes don't follow through).   

I don't know about you, but for me 2014 was full of figuring out my goals, and trying to be more purposeful with my time. I feel like the better part of 2014 I was acclimating myself with New York City, getting food/wellness/health stuff down as much as possible and spending quality time with Justin (being real, we just moved into our lil spot as a couple!) 

I also changed jobs, and did lots and lots of traveling. Which I want to write about later! I cannot wait to share stuff about London, Lisbon, Cape Town, Newport Beach, San Francisco, Austin...some very legit spots!

I did want to share my resolutions for the year in no particular order. An accountability exercise, and putting vibes out. 

Like I said, most of 2014 was my own body/food awareness goals (I can talk about that sometime too), consistent meditation and finding passions that get me excited about life, so this is is 'really for 2015 shit'.

  1. Get money savvy..seriously
    • It's time to really be an adult and act like I want to live until retirement at least. I'd like to actually save money in 2015 and understand what the stock market is and what a 401k does. 
      • I bought two books on finances, I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi, and Master the Game of Money, 7 Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins. Ramit is legitimately funny and easy to read, and all of the proceeds to purchasing Tony's book go to charity. V rad! 
      • I also set up my Vanguard account, and took an hour to talk to a representative there about some of the questions I had like, 'why can't I buy SoulCycle stock!!?' Vanguard is actually a non-profit financial institution, which is cool too. 
      • I got a better credit card, because the one I had previously wasn't really getting me the travel rewards I wanted. Before I had a Citibank American Airlines Card. While I love AA, I want to have the option to use my points other places, so I went with the Capital One Venture Card. I'll get more points and this card has no foreign exchange fees (which matters!)
        • Nerdwallet was also a tool I used to learn about optimizing my credit cards that I highly recommend! 

2. Find a mentor

  • Like a serious mentor that I can learn from, grow with and who is invested in my success personally and professionally. 
    • Lots of articles I've been reading lately, and a podcast I listened to from Lewis Howes convinced me I need a mentor in my life ASAP.  
Whenever I am asked what is the missing link between a promising businessperson and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind. Giving people advice on how they can best achieve their goals is something that is often overlooked.
— Richard Branson

 3. Go on a silent retreat

  • I've done yoga retreats before, like the one at White Lotus in Santa Barbara (which I LOVED - a picture below of the vibe there). I also did a meditation retreat at The Tibet House in NYC. But I'd be interested to see what psycho thoughts I would have forcing myself to be quiet and reflect for an entire weekend. Could be cool, right?

4. Travel to 3 different countries

  • I have a few in mind, but Asia-Pac is my obsession right now. Thailand, Bali, from NYC aren't bad internationally and once you get there you can get a 4 hour massage for like $3 dollars. Let me know if you wanna come. 

5. Take an international flight with a flat bed

  • This is a life goal I have and just sort of need this to be happening. 

6. More lemon water and less processed bars

  • This was basically my only one this year related to food/eating. I need to be serious about having lemon water in the morning. The Ayureda (traditional Hindu medicine) talks a lot about this, and it also piqued my interest in other places like Elle (who tried Gwenyth Paltrow's Diet).

  • I eat a ridiculous amount of Quest Bars. It's sort of a problem. They're so tasty, they have 20g of protein, they claim to be 'all natural' and are low in carbs and sugar. I love them more than so many things in my life but I must limit myself to 2 a day. (One time I was stuck on the runway at the airport, and ate 3 in a row because I was convinced it was my last meal)
“Lemon is chock-full of antioxidants that fight cancer-causing free radicals and inflammation. It’s also a natural liver cleanser, which helps release all the toxins from the body.”
— Elle

7. Learn a new craft

  • Learning a craft is a dinner party goers way of saying 'I want to learn something new'. So I'm trying to learn the craft of blogging, being authentic and just sharing in general. It's inspiring to see what some people are doing, and I want to more-so immerse myself in the world of creating something valuable for myself and hopefully for others. 

8. Become certified in holistic health

  • Getting my ACE Certification in December was a cool experience. I learned I hate studying and that I know more than the average person about kinesiology and health. I also learned that being certified to be a Group Fitness Instructor is no joke (legalities, health restrictions, injuries, cueing...). It felt good to pass and I look forward to using my certification soon. But being certified in holistic health will be the next step in credibility building and knowledge gathering that I crave. 

9. Find a charity I'm passionate about and volunteer monthly

  • Before I moved to New York City, I was in Chicago in the charity scene fo sho. I was mentoring weekly, had my Habitat for Humanity shit going on, life was good. Ever since I moved to New York - not so much. I'd like to find a mentoring, or volunteering opportunity, I can contribute to monthly (being realistic about time here). 
  • For this, I'm starting at New York Cares, and I also got in touch with WIN NYC. 
    • New York Cares is an organization that helps you find volunteers opportunities easily by filtering to your preferences. Attend one of their orientation sessions (it's so easy) and then you can volunteer one-off all the time. Dog walking in Brooklyn is on my list obvi. 
    • WIN NYC was an organization I found out about after a conversation I had on the subway with a really interesting woman who worked there. They seek to assist the lives of New York City homeless women and their kids by providing a safe housing, job support, financial aid, etc. I'm working with them to see if I can help in the administrative office or in their career center. 

10. Be less afraid

  • Of making mistakes, of what other people think, of talking to strangers (I'm so weird, NYC made me love talking to randoms), of criticism (it's not all bad!) of actually taking a risk! This blog is a start. 

I'm so pumped to talk to friends and to hear about everyones resolutions because it's my jam to get talking about what everyone really cares about. 

The resolution thing just lets us write down what we want to manifest, ya know? Grateful and excited for 2015 xx