#nochella 2015

So I'll be real in that I was literally on an island off the coast of Spain this weekend, JEALOUS OF PEOPLE AT COACHELLA. 

I need to seriously get a grip on my LIFE. But FOMO got the very best of me and my little thumb was scrollinggggg awayyyyyy on Instagram. Envious of all the celebs and bloggers at Coachella this year being hot bitches in the desert in cool outfits and little booties. 

My father even asked me if I was sad that I wasn't at 'conchella' this year.

Well dad you're right dammit. 

It's seriously just a magical place.

First, from an organizational standpoint it's run so well from start to finish. The company running Coachella and Stage Coach (the country version, barf), does.not.play. Everything's been thought of.

Water/phone charging stations, shuttle buses, artwork/activities, amazing food...and this isn't even mentioning the thought put into the set times and artist selection. It's the one festival that I've been to that's truly worth it (over like TomorrowWorld, Made in America, Lolla, Mad Decent Block Party, Gov Ball, Pitchfork, Bonnaroo...)

It's also where Justin and I started dating two years ago....mmmmm LOL. 

So feeling left out I wanted to be sure that I stayed a bit in the loop on it (enough to stay informed but not enough to be sad) and I think that the Pitchfork recap I read regarding chella this year was on point, It was nice to hear confirmation on things I had also heard from friends who went. Like the positive feedback about different artists than you'd expect, specifically Action Bronson.

I actually saw a glimpse of Actions set on the live stream of Coachella, but it will surely be on YouTube soon. He goes SO hard (which is partially fun to watch because the dude is massive), and Action raps next to the kid in the wheelchair for like a whole verse, I sort of want to hug him. 

You can also see that they redesigned a lot of the stages, so that they're more comfortable for performers to walk around and interact with the crowd.

Not to go too far off topic, but I really liked the point about the shift in many Festivals's focus towards EDM, Pop and Rap (versus Indie/Rock and Hip-Hop.) 

Unfortunately, the indie rock acts were more likely to confirm the perception that guitars are responsible for the least exciting music of the moment.

At what point is Coachella is going to book a female pop act as a headliner, be it Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna or Taylor Swift? Then again, whenever you think Brand New or FKA twigs or anyone else getting huge spillover in their tent is a major pop force, you see Kaskade play the main stage to a mass of humanity larger than damn near every act I’ve mentioned combined. If you think rock and hip-hop are the main draw, you’re already the weirdo at Coachella.
— Ian Cohen for Pitchfork


I'm guilty for sure. I don't do much indie/rock at music festivals because it sort of bores me. I'll do like, The XX as the slowest act of the day to sit. But that's about it. 

But on a different but equally important note, is the fashion at Coachella this year. 

I was happy to see that no one was really rocking Indian headdresses or flower crowns.

Because another reason why Coachella rules is because girls don't wear furry boots, glitter and cat ears. Dude's aren't wearing neon trucker hats and cheap sunglasses that say RAGE on the lenses. 

The vibe is officially boho/western chic and I'm about it. 

You can also 'Relive it' via these links here:

I'm posting some of the best sets I heard on my beats page as I listen to them on my workouts, and I'm also gonna write a little bit more about the fashion because it's muyyyyyy importante. 

Let me know your thoughts, or if you went your favs? Likes/dislikes? Next year let's go? 

Love, Krista xx